2011 Vicious Brainiac Fencing Tournoi d’Escrimeurs de Sabre

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Top local sabre fencers will converge on April 10th (Sunday) 9:00 AM, and lunge, parry and riposte their respective ways to glory, as the country’s premier All-Sabre fencing tournament unfolds at the Philsports Complex (formerly ULTRA) Fencing Hall, the event is dubbed as the “2011 Vicious Brainiac Fencing Tournoi d’Escrimeurs de Sabre”

2011 Vicious Brainiac Fencing Tournoi d’Escrimeurs de Sabre
April 10, 2011
Philsports Complex (formerly ULTRA) Fencing Hall
Admission is FREE!

This is a one-day competition and is open to male and female sabre fencers of all ages, fitness and skill levels. There are four (4) categories: Kiddies (14 years old and below); Recreational (ex- varsity players, and hobbyist fencers); Varsity (current school varsity players); and Veterans (ex- national team / training pool fencers).

Fencing has been dubbed as “Physical Chess”, as it is an extremely aerobic and tactical sport like boxing or martial arts, with emphasis on speed, agility, fast reflexes; and less on brute strength.

So, if one wants to see slam-bang action, with legs flying, fists pumping, trash talking, guts spilling, seven-swans-a-swimming, swords whippin’, then this event is THE perfect way to enjoy the noble sport of fencing! Without any blood, of course.

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Admission is free. Please contact Peter of VBF at 02 468-5834 and 0917 5290486 for more information, or email at [email protected]


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