Mizuno Infinity Run 2 – June 11, 2011


Mizuno Infinity Run is back this year upgrading their 15K category last year with a 21K category, are you once again ready to ‘beat your own time?’?

Mizuno Infinity Run 2
June 11, 2011
Fort Bonifacio Global City

Registration Fees:
5K – PHP 600
10K – PHP 750
21K – PHP 800

Event Categories:
Open Category
Age Category
“Beat Your Own Pace” Category

Register at any Mizuno Branches in Metro Manila

Support us by joining our Events

Source: Mizuno FB Page

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  1. @gumihorunner – The racekit which includes the race bib, timing device and race map are given upon registration. The singlet will have to be claimed at Mizuno Magallanes on May 29. If you can’t get it on the May 29 at the Mizuno Expo, you can get the singlet on the branch where you registered after a week, take note that they can’t guarantee that all sizes will be available.

    By the way, you can register on May 29 at the Expo.

  2. Guys, I read a post from Mizuno Run Club that the expo and the distribution of singlets tomorrow is postponed due to technical glitches with the customs because of the incoming typhoon Chedeng. Please wait for the exact date of distribution my Tuesday next week.

    Good thing I read this today, balak ko pa naman sana pumunta today to claim my singlet kasi ang members ng run club nila can claim 1 day earlier.

    Read the details here… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150196542113891&set=a.232711733890.136715.114139438890&type=1

  3. hope i can still register for this event. realized that my out of town flight was scheduled in the afternoon so i can still have a fun run with my running pals @Bingski @Yingski @c21 and @Suplado.
    also Claire, my officemate is joining so the more the merrier, guys!

  4. //despite the sudden downpour, still made it to BMG Center to register for 21k…thanks to @Bingski for the info…

  5. @asd
    acdg to Ms Grace of Mizuno @Megamall, registration still open until June 5 Sunday esp for the remaining slots of 5K and 10K.
    but as @Suplado suggested on his Comment 115, do contact the Mizuno number for the latest registration updates coming from the Organizer.

  6. @c21
    ah yes almost forgot, you have an out of town activity during that weekend. good luck on that!
    we will miss you during Mizuno Infinity… see ya soon in the next runs prior to our MIM challenge!

  7. @Suplado
    good for you! just in the nick of time. very limited 21K slots remained at BMG Magallanes by the time you registered today. wohoo!
    me too, got registered over at MOA for my fave distance, haha! Bib# 51131, naks!

  8. //@Ms_Mars: let’s meet up on Thursday afternoon at the mall near the magallanes mrt station…perhaps at chowking or jollibee..to pick up our singlets at mizuno bmg centre…and yeah, the Php800.00 reg fee is not bad for the kind of singlet we’re getting…and i checked the price of the non-race singlet (the one i tried on so i would know the right size i’m getting) was roughly the same price as the reg fee… :)..plus the finisher’s tee..kewl..!

  9. @Suplado_Ako – I’ll be on a biz trip from Wed-Sat evening so I won’t be able to go to Magallanes on June 2-3. I went there last Saturday, May 28 and spoke with Mike of Mizuno and he said I can just have someone pick-up the singlet for me. I asked one of my staff to get it on June 2 since our office is on the opposite side of the highway only :)

  10. @bingski..Will they still release the singlet on the 4th and 5th of june? i can’t go on the 2nd and coding ako ng june 3. Good luck sa biz trip mo.

  11. @Suplado
    sure, not a problem. lots of peeps mega anxious abt the singlets’ release…and we’re among them, haha!

  12. @suplado – hindi pa nga ako naka register cause of work load. Planing to drop by sa friday to register at claim narin ng singlet para isang puntahan na lang. I hope pwede pa ko maka register by that time

  13. @yingski
    that’s right! do call first and hopefully there’s still a 21K slot – 7573160 loc 805.
    good luck!

  14. @Ms_Mars & Suplado – Hirap maka tawag! Just got lucky a few minutes ago pero SAD news people kasi wala na raw 21K slot sa Magallanes same w/ Mizuno MOA. Siguro not meant for me ito run. Unless may mag decide na mag back out at ibenta ang 21K race kit nila.

  15. @yingski: try calling mizuno trinoma 9166495. Wahh yingski, ayoko tumakbo ng solo, i might get nauseaus again!

  16. @cecille – hirap po makontak. Mag file po kayo ng leave sa opis before race day para maka relax kayo at maka ipon ng lakas. Tulog at pahinga lang po ang kailangan nyo at least 2 days or a day before then sisiw na ang 21K. Sana nga may mag back out at ibenta sa akin yung 21K race kit nila so that makasama ako sa run.

  17. @Cecille
    what Yingski has advised is good for you. tense and pressure from work for a week can bring a toll to one’s health esp may takbo pa?
    let’s pray that you wont have that same condition for next week’s Mizuno run, my friend…

  18. @yingski
    huwaaaaat? no more 21K slots from Magallanes?! oh why oh why? sorry to hear that. tsk tsk…
    how come these other runners are so eager with 21K?
    but i overheard from Mizuno Megamall that Magallanes might open some few more 21K during singlet distrib june 2-3…
    never lose hope!

  19. @Suplado
    yeah i know the feeling, when i used to have my evening shift too. you can do it, my friend! knowing you?! haha! its just like another endurance training day, haneeep!

  20. @Suplado
    hope the singlets are finally in? pls keep me posted if you learn of any updates today.
    see ya laterz at claim site! ;)

  21. @PACER
    ah okies great, thanks for the advise. will relay this info to our runner pal, @Yingski who is registering for 21K.

  22. guys galing ako sa mizuno magallanes. i got my singlet(vry nice). sabi dun may available pa sila 21k. but dun magreregister.

  23. @angel – All systems go na ha kasi may singlet ka na. See you June 11, with the rest of the pinoyfitness forumers (imbento ko lang tong word na to hehhehehh).

  24. @Ms_Mars,Suplado,Cecille – Muntik nako umuwi ng luhaan kanina from Mizuno Magallanes. As per advice ay tumawag muna ako then they told me na possible mag dala ng addt’l 21K race kit para sa mga hahabol. Then I came around lunchtime then I was informed na ubos na daw ang 21K slot. Pababa na sana ako from roof deck when suddenly hinarang ako ng isang fairy este pretty girl (Mizuno staff) na may dalang mga race kits. And YES! 21k addt’l race kits! Ako lang pala inahantay para mag open ulit yung 21K slots. Buti na lang at kung hindi baka ipasara ko agad yung expo nila hehehe…. Big sizes pala yung mga singlets nila. XL ako pero sa kanila M lang ako kaya no worries sa mga sizes. L na lang ang pinaka malaki nila sa Men and not sure sa mga sizes ng Women. Made in Malaysia. Kita kits na lang tayo ulit!!!

  25. @Bingski – oo nga po eh! Sana pala hinalikan ko yung pretty fairy bilang sign ng gratitude ko kaso baka maging palaka ako after hehehe… Thanks to my pretty fairy! Hope mabasa mo ito. I’m the one na muntik ng umuwi luhaan pababa sa elevator from roofdeck ng bigla kang dumating! (ang drama naman…..CUT!) Thank you!!!

  26. @yingski – Sya ba yung chinita na mahaba ang buhok? If sya, I can relay your message to her on Monday, sya yung nag assist sa kin when I bought my shoes hehhehe

  27. @YINGSKI: Thank goodness! At least sure na ako na may kasama sa 21k besides Jared. Super go go na tayo next saturday!

  28. @Bingski- parang hindi sya yon. Kasi yung chinita girl ang nag sabi sa akin na ubos na yung 21k. Basta po sya yung girl nag nag baba ng 21k race kits from roofdeck down to 2nd floor (mizuno store). Sabay pa nga kami bumaba ng elevator para wala na sya kawala sa akin. 21K race kits ang tinutukoy ko hehehe…. Forgot to ask her name. Sayang!

  29. tnx everyone. Im living the office now. Mizuno, Magallanes PACER is coming, Check knarin yong fairy na sinasabi ni yingski hehehehe….

  30. @Pacer – please ask for her name.. naks… o yingski pagpunta ko dun sa Sunday or Monday, gusto mo bigyan ko ng chocolates, sabihin ko thank you daw po sabi ni Yingski, ung nag aabang ng 21k race kit nung Thursday. kung di dahil syo, uuwi sana sya ng luhaan eh..hehhehe

  31. @patok – hindi sya yung pretty fairy for me kasi sya yung nag sabi na ubos na yung 21k. Naka dark blue polo shirt sya. I think naka station sya sa may raffle draw tabi ng mga men singlets. @Bingski- nakakahiya po inquire sa mga pretty girls don kung sino sa kanila yung nag baba ng mga 21K race kits para lang malaman yung name at makapag thank you narin. Siguro kapag nakita ko sya sa race day baka marecognize ko sya at makapag thank you narin in person.

  32. //i think her name is Jai…when @Ms_Mars: and I picked up our singlets this afternoon, there were a couple of fairies there — the one holding the pumpkin bowl (for the raffle) and the other one who was sitting by the table. she’s Jai — i think she’s the one who’s in charge with the race kits…because when i called them last monday to inquire about the availability of the 21k racekits and made a reservation, she’s the one who prepared the racekit, which was very convenient. when i got to mizuno expo, the racekit was ready.. :) no waiting…no hassle..!

    //@yinski: glad that you got a 21k racekit..!

    //@bingski: @Ms_Mars: @yingski: @Cecille: @angel: see yer all on the 11th…and yeah, some mizuno staff will be there, too..!

  33. @Suplado
    that’s right Ja! when we went to Mizuno BMG around 4pm no hassle indeed! im still laughing at our (bawal) photo ops at 2nd flr showroom when kuya put a stop to our Kodak moments. argh! gud thing we took lots of shots of the apparels.

    i can’t believe the men’s biggest size is only Size L which i took advantage of. you’re always happy with your easy size, Ja,haha!

    im going to hold on to my raffle prize 20% coupon and the one from the bib as well.
    let’s thank Kuya Joel again for amusingly assisting us with our foot analysis and kudos to Tim, who’s part of the Mizuno event staff and who took pics of us among others, for upload on Mizuno FB page! wohoo!

    @Bingski – passed by your office bldg, haha
    @Yingski – so happy that Lady Luck was at your side this morning for the very limited 21K race kit! great timing!
    @Cecille, @Suplado and officemate @Claire and the rest of the PF runner mates who’s going to participate during next week’s fun run, happy safe training and good luck!

    More run power to us! ;)

    Aja to the Wave Rider Mizuno runner shoe!

  34. @Ms_Mars – Got my Wave Inspire 7 shoes from Mizuno Magallanes, used the discount coupon from Mizuno Run club. I agree that Joel is very helpful. He even thought me how to tie my shoe laces using the power knot… o diba :) effective sya, kahit matanggal shoe lace mo, di luluwag. yun pala yung gamit ng last hole for the shoe lace. Uy take advantage na of that 20% off.

  35. Do i really need to bring my race bib to claim the singlet plus the small claim card? OR pwedeng ung claim card nlng. Thanks.

  36. During the first day they didn’t ask for my race bib, just the small card. But make sure you have the race number written on your small card. I don’t know about the others because I claimed my race kit early during the opening.

  37. @c21 – you can do it on your own, I got the right results, funny nga kasi i didn’t know na ganun pala ako tumakbo until I saw one picture of me running. Kaya naniwala ako and took it’s recommendation on the kind of shoes appropriate for me… https://www.myprecisionfit.com

  38. @PACER
    can you also make it to our PF forum friends get together tomorrow June 4 at Megamall 5Pm?
    the rest of the guys would be happy to also meet you..

  39. @Bingski
    i dont think the disc coupon has an expiration date but yes im definitely going to use it, toward a new pair of running shoes! yeyy! just dont know when?

    based on the foot analysis, its recommending me the Wave Alchemy option. tis really cool!

  40. @yingski: @bingski: budy’s i saw the fairy ladies kagabi sa MBMG, in your all right guys they sure are pretty fairies lalo na yong nka short ng white and black shirt at nka upo wow chezzy heheheh gudam to all.

  41. @Ms Mars:Thank for the invitation, i lav to come and be acquainted with you and with you pals but I just cant make it tom, got to sleep early for my 21K AKTV Run the following day.Next tym Ms Mars.

  42. @Ms_Mars – The discount coupon on the race bib expires on July 11. Not sure about your 20% off coupon.

    Do the myprecisionfit.com analysis, I got a different recommendation there since it analyzes everything. Based on the foot type, I’m neutral so Wave Rider dapat. But after the online test, I need stability pala. And believed the online test because I saw my running photos during the aNR run and ganun nga, may tendency na mag kikay swing ang leg ko hahahha

  43. pls. share the the exact location of PAF fun run tom. free reg, breakfast n shirt, 1st 1000k registrants 3k, 5k, 7k,

  44. @angel
    hi there! we missed you during the PF runner friends get together at Megamall last nite. it was super fun! there were only a few who came but it felt like we were a big bunch kc ang gulo nmin, hehe!

    our special guest was Mr Pinoyfitness himself so what else can we ask for?
    hopefully there will be more peeps who will attend next live grp sessions…

    stay in touch po, ive already emailed you.visit my FB for the pics last nite.


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