Mizuno Infinity Run 2 – June 11, 2011


Mizuno Infinity Run is back this year upgrading their 15K category last year with a 21K category, are you once again ready to ‘beat your own time?’?

Mizuno Infinity Run 2
June 11, 2011
Fort Bonifacio Global City

Registration Fees:
5K – PHP 600
10K – PHP 750
21K – PHP 800

Event Categories:
Open Category
Age Category
“Beat Your Own Pace” Category

Register at any Mizuno Branches in Metro Manila

Support us by joining our Events

Source: Mizuno FB Page

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  1. hello guys? pls dont forget to check out the Community Forum here at PF. just click on Community tab at upper right hand portion and register to join us in the forums that put up for us by pinoyfitness.com.

    *reminder: make sure your browser is set to IE or Firefox to avoid having registration errors. thanks!

  2. mga runners ganda ng singlet,,,pag-nakita nyo original na mizuno,,yung gusto tumakbo ,,pa register na kayo..sana naman ma-ayus mga marshall ,,,baka kasi magaya kayo sa brooks ..ang gulo ng rout,,,di mo malaman kung san ka iikot ,,,tsaka nga pala yung time ,,,paki-agahan naman ang gun start ,,,,thanks na lang ,,,,pati na rin sa mga runnnersssssssssssssssssssss

  3. will there be L,XL or XXL sizes released, i still am not able to get my singlet…registered at Trinoma, will we be able to get the singlets there or still go to Magallanes? I hope we can get an update on this…:)

  4. this is going to be my 1st 10k. ang sabi nga nila mental challenge ang 10k and any distance more than 5k.. so kung sino man ang mag 10k dyan na willing maki-pace sa akin, sabihan nyo lang po ako. average pace ko is 5.30-6min/km. kahit saglit nyo lang ako i-pace basta may makasabay ako hehhehehhe… di ako magagalit kung after a while iwan nyo ko. madali nyo akong makilala kasi I’ll be in my mizuno uniform: wearing a light blue mizuno cap, (so far wala akong nakikita na nag susuot ng ganung cap sa mga race), mizuno black and blue tights, mizuno infinity run singlet and mizuno wave inspire 7 shoes. :)

  5. @red stream
    was able to speak with a Mktg rep from Mizuno Head Office a few mins ago that bigger sized singlets (L, XL, XXL)are arriving and can be claimed Thurs from the mall sites where they originally registered. so no need anymore to drop by BMG Magallanes.

    you can also check out their updates thru the Mizuno FB acct. see you guys this Sat!

  6. @PACER
    are u also running this Sat for Mizuno?

    what distance ka for Mizuno? hope the PF runner friends will also be able to meet you Sat. give me your BIB# and distance so we can meet you before 5AM gunstart for the 21K.

  7. @Ms_Mars: yap m running dis sat for the mizuno. 21Km ang pna regs ko. anung dist ka? hope to z u, can i run with gfuys!?

  8. @PACER
    thats great! most of the PF runner friends are also going for 21K. ako lng ata mag-5K! haha!
    sureness, you can run with us just go there early so we can make chika pa before gunstart.
    pls email me your cp# and Bib# to [email protected]— so we can easily find one another. you know naman sa run site pag marami ng peeps!

  9. Hi Ms_Mars. can you please send me through email the photos of our group meeting last saturday?thanks.
    By the way I feel pleased and honored having with us last saturday the owner of this site.sir,thanks for sharing with us your insights.

  10. @ ms_mars hi!yes im running this saturday 21k later ill check my bib # n give it to u.i will email u my cp #. im excited to meet u guys..tnx god bless

  11. @pacer ready na sa saturday..cge sabay tayo.. kaso my kailangan ako e brake ang pace ko last year . 15k ako last year 1:32 minutes kailangan ko e brake un ngayon para may medal ako hehehe . brooks naman 1:28 ako eh sana walang injury hehehe . maya post ko bib # ko. ikaw ready kana ? ingatz n god bless… see u…

  12. @reydor
    sure, not a problem. if you like, you can also give your FB acct so i can tag you from there much easily…

    until now, i cant believe that mr. Pinoyfitness was there too! i appreciated his gesture of dropping by during the meet and sharing of ideas and plans…we look forward for the projects to materialize slowly but surely…

  13. guys, I created a new topic in the forum specifically for the up coming Mizuno Infinity Run. Kindly post your category and bib number so that we can meet pre and/or post race.

  14. @PACER
    pls dont forget to email me your Bib and cp#s at [email protected]

    so we PF peeps can meet up before gunstart this Sat. ill be at BGC by 430AM.

    hi! sabi mo youll email your Bib and cp#?
    sige ill wait for it…thanks!

  15. @Ms Mars:@patok:muwning! il send my bib# tomorrow wen i get back to manila.tnx.

    @patok:budy lakusog ngay-an m stamina m sure mababayaan mo ako n2 hehehe d bali beat your own pace ngani, db?

  16. @Ms Mars:@patok:muwning! il send my bib# tomorrow wen i get back to manila.tnx.

    @patok:budy makusog ngay-an m stamina m sure mababayaan mo ako n2 hehehe d bali beat your own pace ngani, db?

  17. @Patok – To show my support to Mizuno, naks… They’ve (the staff) have been very nice and helpful to me every time I visit their store. I frequently visit Megamall, BHS and Magallanes branches. Ganda talaga ng material ng singlet and shirts nila, pati na ang tights. As for the shoes, I’ve worn it once pa lang, and so far maganda naman pakiramdam ko after the run.

    Yung cap naman, after searching so long for a cap or visor that fits right on my head, eto ang nakita ko. May kaliitan kasi ang circumference ng head ko kaya usually, kid’s size ang kasya.

    Tama daw bang mag-explain ako dito hahaha.

    Let’s support Mizuno during this race!

  18. @pacer hehehe tama tama lang …. pang 1 year 6 months ko na to kaya medyo nag improve na … kita kits sa sabado 21k ka rin dba ? budy ingats god bless…..

  19. @Bingski
    wow from head to toe – Mommy Mizuno endorser!
    ma-chika nga kay Timmy (Mktg) to hire your services in their future projects, hehe…

    tease, tease…Bingski…10K kna kc eh…
    running alongside with you @Yingski and @Suplado is always a bonus for me…and now our PF runner friends is slowly increasing and new faces to run along with too…

  20. @bingski its alright hehehe… galing model ng mizuno hehehe dapat free reg ka eh dahil puro mizuno lahat ng gamit mo

  21. Hi guys , espececially to ms_mars, pacers and bingski looks like nice to join your group would it be okay to get in touch. me too will be running for the 21k. Happy and Safe running to all.

  22. wish ko rin yan haahhah, Mommy Mizuno endorser … Ms_Mars – give this URL to Timmy para mabasa nya comments hahhaha. Kahit walang bayad basta may free Mizuno items go ako :) game ako to pose sa group picture, feel na feel ko na eto. kayo talaga ang lakas nyo mangbuyo, at nag papabuyo naman ako ahahhaha..

    @Alfred Allen – please post your Mizuno Run details in the forum. I created a topic there, specifically for this run.

    @barefootdave – o nga, you need that if you’ll be doing the 21k. Good luck and hope to meet you this Sat.

  23. @barefootdaves
    thanks for the reply in your website. we are all lookin forward to meet you on Sat…we will try to converge at a Technical Booth.

    acdg to Timmy of Mizuno, the hydration stations will be water and Gatorade one after the other…

    as for banana station? very interesting!

  24. @Alfred Allen
    that’s great! thanks for your interest in our group. welcome aboard!

    just email your cp# to [email protected]
    and also as advised by @Bingski, kindly register at the PF Forum by clicking in Community at the upper right hand portion of this website. visit the Mizuno Forum and enter your Bib# there so we can track and meet up with you on Sat, ok?

    good luck with your 21K! see ya!

  25. @Andrew Asuncion
    you can try contacting the Magallanes office at 757.3160 local 805. look for Timmy of Marketing or any of his associates for your question about registration.

    be patient in dialling the number coz at times it’s super busy. but you’ll get thru, don’t worry! ;)

  26. Hi ms_mars and bingski thanks for your reply and warm welcome I’ll just e-mail you at your yahoo account for your request and other concerns, again thanks and more power running to all.

    God Bless !

  27. @Alfred Allen
    no problem. will wait for your mail.
    in the meantime, have a great stay here…

    ;) more run power!

  28. @PF peeps for Mizuno

    see you at Technical Booth, most likely near or beside the gunstart booth before 5AM…

    text text when you’re there!

  29. Sarap naman ng takbo..cool weather..nice finisher shirt..a lot of gatorade..galing! Kudos to mizuno and the race organizer..uuu

  30. Kudos to the organizers and Mizuno for a great event. Ganda ng route (medyo masikip nga lang sa Lawton).

    Good thing maraming water, Gatorade and Pocari! Sana Powerade sama nyo na rin sa next event.

  31. Boooo! Di ako nag PR!

    Im glad to see alot of familiar faces, good event over all. Not much bells and whistles, but they got the basic down.


  32. @Mizuno infinity..Where are the results. It should be released by now.What’s taking you guys so long to post the results.


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