Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 – Registration Update

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Dear Runners,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the opening of registration. We are implementing an electronic registration system for your convenience and data accuracy. This system will enable you to register at and pay and pick up the race kit and shirt at the Condura Skyway Marathon registration center in Greenbelt 3. We also have an online payment option with delivery to your doorstep. Our information technology supplier is hard at work even on this Sunday conducting final quality assurance tests to ensure the system is reliable. They have advised us that the system will be up and running by midnight of December 15.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Condura Skyway Marathon Secretariat

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  1. Here we go again with the “pay first then pick up” or “payment option with delivery”. This arrangement has so far not been too successful – even RunRio was not spared. Let’s see…

  2. @runsnroses: It’s “pay and pick up” not “pay first then pick up” at greenbelt 3. That means you will register online then pay and pick up your kit on-site at greenbelt 3.

  3. @ERunner… I think pareho lang ang sinasabi natin – you get your race kit on a different date, a date that is after you paid (online or otherwise)…versus to paying and getting the race kit right away (na parang bumili ka sa tindahan). There has been undue stress and lots of confusion (as seen in some of the past events) when you don’t get your race kit right away. I hope this one will work out for all.


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