Time to Climb Mt. PULAG – December 19-23, 2010


Want to Climb Mt. Pulag this coming XMAS Holiday Break? Kababayang Pinoy Mountaineering Society (KPMS) is organizing one! See details…

Time to Climb Mt. PULAG
December 19-23, 2010
Akiki Trail

The package will cost Php 3,800

“Dubbed “Playground of the Gods”, Pulag is considered as a sacred ground to the locals of the region where ancestral spirits may or may not roam in the mountain, but its majestic and legendary summit views (the phenomenal “sea of clouds”) might very well be your piece of heaven on earth.

In December, scale Luzon’s highest peak with KPMS. Are you up to the challenge? We’ll take the Akiki Trail going up through its infamous Killer Trail (or Killer View, as we hope to think), pass through Eddet River and Marlboro Country and going down through the easier (but not less uneventful) Ambangeg Trail. They say you’ll miss half of your life as a mountaineer without a Pulag experience. We certainly say so too, so get your jackets and thermal socks and winter what-have-you ready to greet your coldest and most amazing sunrise yet, in Mt. Pulag.


For more info & inquiry you can send email at [email protected] or check out their website @ https://www.wix.com/kpms_phils/kpms


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