Sugar Rush 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined and participated in Sugar Run 2010, race results are now available for download, photo links will be available here once the organizers released them.

Download Race Results Here:
[download id=”335″]
[download id=”336″]
[download id=”337″]

For now please feel free to post your comments and suggestions about the event here.

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  1. On behalf of the UP Pre-Medical Honor Society, Diabetes Philippines Inc., and Diabetes Center Philippines, we would like to thank everyone for taking part in this day’s events. Proceeds of this race will be used for the projects of Diabetes Philippines Inc., Diabetes Center Philippines, and the socio-civic activities of the UP PMHS. We will update you on the race results at the soonest possible time. Once again, we thank you for joining! :)

  2. @Victoria, Kudos to you and to your team! It was a simple yet fun, organized run! Great job! I love the cheering from start to finish thus it kept me smiling all the way to completing my 10K run. No negative feedback just all smiles. =)

  3. Sir Vash! Thank you so much for spending your Sunday morning with us! We really did our best to make everyone happy, and we are glad that you enjoyed! We will be sending updates regarding the race results and photos as soon as possible. Thank you so much again! :)

  4. Congratulations to the organizers of the sugar rush run. I hope that you have raised much funds for your cause. I love the cheering squad as it made me run my best 10k time.

  5. Thanks sir Vash! We hope that we were able to take the most out of your suggestions! We truly appreciate them!

    Glad to hear that Ms Cheng! Congrats on finishing the 10K route!

  6. Hehehhe for some reason, you had my bib number under my wife’s name. and while my name or my wife’s bib number is not on any of the category. But that’s fine.. We do know our personal time naman. Just be careful next time from registration to recording everyone’s time.

  7. Dear Organizers,
    Please note that there were 2 participants at the 3K run whose names and bib numbers did not appear on your race results list. When we inquired from one of the organizers, she said “wala na silang magagawa.” She even came up with the reason that these participants did not probably submit their bar coded stubs at the finish line. My answer is that they did submit it. So now, what?

  8. I would understand if only the bib numbers appeared with the race results. But in this case, neither name nor bib number appeared. Sabay pa naman kaming lahat nag register.

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