Runner’s Review: I’ve got Rhythm, I’ve got Music, I’ve got a run, who can ask for anything more?

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For many runners, inclines are an exciting challenge, be it in the form of marathons passing the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover, the 3 flyovers along Roxas Boulevard or the hugely popular (and sorely missed) Skyway. But it is with some difficulty to train for flyovers, much… so the Skyway and that is the beauty of Mckinley Hill. It is accessible and with enough gradient shifts for avid runners to enjoy.

With far fewer registrants on the 10km run for Anson’s, it was calming to have a well spaced route, not many people bumping to each other except for the occasional car or two that got caught in the route. Starting from Mckinley hill running down C5, and circling round to Heritage park, the hilly terrain set a challenge for runners to keep a steady pace.

With good timing, majority of the participants of the 10km run finished in less than 90 minutes with still a lot of hydration stations and supply for those who want to do another round of 10km (surprisingly none of my friends took me seriously on this one).

10km finishers then got to enjoy the post-event program along with the 3k and 5k finishers who saw raffle items from a MacBook Air to 350GB Hard Disk Drives. Hosted by the boys from BNO, the program was a great way to cap the running event, prizes and medals awarded to top finishers and raffle items had finishers enjoying the Anson’s Rhythm and Run until the very last minutes.



Disclaimer: This review is coming from Peter Tongco. Points of view does not necessarily reflect/represent how things went to the rest of the participants.


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