Sugar Rush Run (New Venue) – November 14, 2010

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Sugar-Rush, a run dedicated to the people with diabetes, is a fun run brought to you by the UP Pre-Medical Honor Society in partnership with Diabetes Philippines INC, will change its venue to SM Mall of Asia.

Sugar Rush 2010
November 14, 2010 @ 5AM
UP Diliman, QC
3K / 5K / 10K

Registration Fee is PHP 400.00 for this event.

Download Registration Form Here:
[download id=”297″]

Register at the following outlets:
1. Chris Sports Outlets at MOA, Glorietta, Megamall, SM North Edsa
2. ROX at Bonifacio High Street, Global City
3. SRi Showroom, # 143C/D Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City
4. Metropolitan Medical Center, Room 220, 9:30am-7:00pm M-F

For more information about this event call: 0906-3086892 / 0917-8961912 / 0917-8031195


Or visit:


  1. I will reiterate my comment on running events sponsored by UP academic organizations, they are often disorganized, insufficient in logistics, and often cause of disappointments among runners. In the recent Tiktakbo 3 and Activate both held in UP (organized by UPJPIA and UP Law School), comments that arose include: 1) No water available in the finishline; 2) No KM marker; 3) It took two weeks to release the result; 4) The results did not indicate the name of runners just the bib no. 5) No finishing time of runners just the numbered list presumably order of finish. 6) Late announcement of winners., etc. Are you going to spend your P400 still with those comments? Another thing, the winning 6K couple winners in the Tiktakbo 3 is a tandem of both male, ( a couple?). They are just after your money, plain and simple.

  2. oh…is that so? hmmm… i’ll think twice then before joining this event. Maybe the organizer of this event can speak up here and let us know if they’ve addressed past issues of us runners.. thanks Rotech!

  3. Just surf for the Tiktakbo 3 race result. Determine the date of the race and the date the results were posted here. The same thing with the Activate. Puro mga istudyante ang staff sa takbuhan, ang hirap magreklamo at makipagtalo, kasi para silang mga musmos na pinapagalitan mo.

  4. Being part of the organizing team, I would like to thank everyone for the interest and the comments.

    As we have replied in the other exchange of comments, we would like to assure all interested participants that particular actions are being taken to address, if not to prevent the issues mentioned. Furthermore, please be informed that UP PMHS is not affiliated with the organizations mentioned in earlier posts. Also, this event is prepared hand-in-hand with Diabetes Philippines, and thus is not entirely student prepared. Finally, please continue to post concerns in this site – and if possible, contact us at 0906 3086892, 0917 8961912, 0917 803119, or [email protected] – so that we would be able to address them more efficiently; and hopefully prevent others that may arise. Thanks for your time and interest!

  5. @Ms Ryle Li. I doubt really if you can give us at least even an average running event. Sorry that my disappointments with Tiktakbo 3 of UP JPIA and the Activate of another UP academic organizations also extend to your organization. One more, in Tiktakbo 3, magbibigay pala sila ng medals sa first 100 finishers ng 18K. Nangiannounce nila, nakauwi na yung mga finishers kasi 9am na kasi di nila makumpleto pa yung list? Eh di sana binigay na lang nila agad sa finishline upon arrival of the runners. Ito ba yung mga future Accountants na dinidevelop ng UP? How sure we are na kaya niyo talagang maghandle ng isang running event na commercialized? P400 ang fee, malaki yan. Sana ibang fund raising activities na lang, although hindi naman ako tutol sa advocacy niyo. Kung kayu-kayo lang ang magdidirect ng running event na to, I could cast mounting doubts on your competency, Mam.

  6. Hahahah I can feel u brother Rotech… though I’d like to suggest too that if its not too late, maybe the organizer of this running event can still acquire the service of a professional, if not an experience running organizer…by an organizer i meant even 1 person will do. In short an Adviser. If you really want to organizer more and future running event the better do continuous improvement and definitely learn from the past…and by that it should be something that doesn’t happen again. Thus you’ll have less negative feedback from runners. That simple right? Whether students lang kayo or simply inexperienced, get some help…it won’t hurt. It will benefit everybody din naman. Let’s make this a fair and fun event starting NOW!

  7. ang alam ko sa planning gaya ng race, laging isinasaalang-alang ang mangyayari pag patapos na ang race. ano ang mga posibleng mangyari at asahan ng mga runners? saan nakapuwesto ang mga lootbags o medals at certificates kung meron man? ano ang gagawin sa program/stage kung meron man? nung sumali kami sa Pump It UP Run For Your Heart sa UP Manila, ok naman ang patakbo, fun run lang talaga. walang results pero masaya ang mga runners kasi di naman kami nage-expect nang malaki. basta sumuporta kami, may t-shirt at freebies at almusal. sabagay P250 lang yon. pero kapag nasa P400 na malamang mag-eexpect na rin kami ng naaayon sa ibabayad namin.

  8. Di ko namention pala sa Tiktakbo 3 yung inatake ng hypertension na runner at walang ambulansiya to aid him. These kids just don’t know how dangerous the sport of running is. Sa nakita ko sa mga istudyante ng UP, they just look at running as an easy sport and an easy way to generate funds for their cause. Look how careless they are, a number of UPJPIAns are even blocking the finishline, doon mismo sa daan ng finishline naghaharutan habang padating ang mga runners. This thing is a no-no in running event, kasama ko lang wife ko noon kung hindi babanggain ko talaga ng sadya, para magsitumba. (Ang puso ko!). The following day inireklamo ko sa Dean ng College of Business, after that incident, wala na kong nabalitaan na UP race uli na na-held sa UP Diliman.

  9. Hi Ryle Li,

    Ask ko lang, still no update on the registration areas? or where to claim the race kits if ever we would register and pay thru PNB? Or is the registration officially open? Got to let us know soon…I believe there’s only 3 weeks left before the actual race date…not to compare but some other race events usually have it at least a month before..

  10. Hi! Thanks for noting.

    Starting Monday, October 25, registration at Chris Sports MOA, Glorietta, Megamall, and SM North Edsa, ROX Bonifacio High Street, and at the SRi showroom along Pasig Boulevard will commence. The race kits can be claimed from Nov 10 – Nov 12 at UP Diliman, ROX and SRi. Those who have registered online and payed through PNB may arrange with us as to where you would like to claim your kits. Further details are posted at

    With regards to your earlier suggestion, we are already keeping in touch with an experienced race organizer to make sure that all necessary procedures are being followed. Thanks!

    Once again, feel free to contact us (details in the post) for any concerns. We hope to see everyone on November 14!

  11. Great! Thanks Ryle for the quick response.

    Will join this run. Then will provide feedback after if I’m a happy, contented runner or not. Good or Bad, will charge this to experience. Just get those beneficiaries well taken cared after and you’ve half-made this fun run a success already. :)

  12. One small comment pala on the registration and distribution. Just wishing registration and claiming area would be the same. Kahit nde yung time if by Nov 10 pa talaga magiging available yng race kits. This is in consideration that a certain runner like me :), would register to the nearest accessible venue to him and won’t need to claim it somewhere less accessible… yun lang naman. Thanks!

  13. Glad to hear that! Thanks for giving us a chance.

    With regards to race kit distribution, its the same way we would have preferred the procedure to be. However, not all of our partners agree; and thus could only distribute race kits through selected partners.

    By the way, i just noticed from the first post that you also come from the south. I would be willing to meet up somewhere nearer for you, once the kits are available. Also, we are still trying to come up with a means to set up another area, at least for claiming kits, in the southern area. We’ll update soon.

    Thank you once again! See you on November 14!

  14. Ms. Ryle Li I am sorry for those harsh words I’d cast on you. I was clouded with exasperation with the recent UP races that I forgot you’re another group not in anyway associated with the UP JPIA and the other academic org which sponsored the Activate Run. Of course, yours has deeper cause that will benefit people with diabetes and not just to rake funds for your organization. Don’t worry, I sense sincerity in your answers. Do tap a seasoned race organizer to assist you in carrying out the race.
    By the way, am really confused with the venue, is it at MOA or at UP grounds? Pls clarify.

  15. Hi Sir Rotech! We are truly glad to hear that.

    To clarify, the event will be held at MOA grounds. We have contacted all sites where we have been posted but it seems that some have not yet updated the details.

    Everyone interested may visit our updated site for more details, and may continue contacting us for other concerns.

    By the way, I’m a mister. :D Once again, thanks for the concern! We truly appreciate it and hope that we’d be able to pay back by holding a smooth and successful event.

  16. Hey tnx again Ryle! And tnx for the meetup offer. I might consider that.. :) keep it up! Let me be one of your volunteer promoters for this event. Will invite more friends… :) Cheers!

  17. i’ll invite one of my runner-friends.he is a diabetic, but is a fast runner. he is among the top 50 in the recently held Pink Run. He was also my companion in Pump It UP. Our group always support runs that promote worthy causes. I’ll also invite about 20 runners to join this event.

  18. hi,
    i would like to inquire kung meron bang bayad yung 1k funwalk for diabetic, i’ll ask my father join this event with me.

  19. Hi Sir! The 1K fun walk is Php 250 for those who would like to get the race kit, and free for those who would not need to get one. Either way, registration is a must. Thanks!-sugar rush

  20. Hi! The 1k fun walk is Php 250 if you want to get the race kit, and free otherwise. Registration is a must either way. Thanks! Look Forward to meet you on Nov 14!

  21. Hi Ryle. I work in Manila, so it will be inconvenient that race kits can be claimed on Nov. 10-12. Is is possible that kits be claimed as early as Nov. 6-7?I’m near UP Manila in P. Faura, can I get it there? Thanks.

  22. @ Sir RyandC, thanks! we look forward to see you on Nov 14. By the way, we’d also like to invite him to join the 1km walk, design primarily for people with diabetes. A couple of pharma companies would also be there to offer free diagnostic services.

    @ Sir Scorpion, I am sorry but I do not think we will be able to release the singlets earlier than Nov 10. With that said, please be informed that we have managed to arrange another race kit claiming area in Manila, at the Metropolitan Medical Center. Details are posted at our website Nonetheless, please email us regarding this concern at [email protected], we will try to address this the most efficient and convenient way possible for you. Hope this helps! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  23. Happy to hear that ma’am! Registration has already started at our partners mentioned above. Thanks! We hope to see you on Nov 14!

  24. yan ang sinasabi ko eh hindi biro ang running akala ng ibang tao ganun kadali ang running. kaya ang mga orga dapat matuto. hindi para kumita lang dapat gawing sports talaga ang event. d2 sa pinas ngayun kasi ginagawa ng negosyo ang running, simula yan sa mga gumagawa ng singlet hangang sa mga maliit at malalaking sponsors.
    baka nxt time magpatakbo na ang kung anu anu dian.

    kaya mga runners nasa inyo ang pagpili ng sasalihan event.

  25. Just registered earlier sa ROX with a friend. So far, got 4 fellow runners to join this race. I do trust that the singlets and race kits will be available by Nov 10. Hi Ryle — Can we do meet up say sa SM Bacoor to claim the race kit? or can you suggest a place sa south area? Thanks!

  26. Forgot to ask or suggest for the singlet design to be posted here so others can see it like I did when I registered sa I’m trying to recall yng design but can’t…heheheh

  27. Hi Ryle,

    5 days to go… May I ask now where in the south do you plan to do meet ups for the singlet distribution? Got 4 of us who joined and eagerly waiting to try out and fit our new singlets.. =)


  28. my mind set for a running event for a cause is to lower my expectation because the proceeds of the event would go to a worthy cause. the lower the overhead cost the better. however, the organizer of sugar rush failed to provide sufficient hydration to the runners. Organizer was composed of people from the medical field and they know very well that hydration is crucial to many sports event especially running/marathon.

    while it is the responsibility of every runner to ensure his own hydration, the organizer should provide additional water stations. There was only one hydration station at sugar rush and that was 100meters or so before the finish line!! in my one year experience running, if the venue is MOA, there would be a water station past across the globe then next in front of Microtel then after the finish line.

    except for that booboo, we completed the fun run.

  29. As promised on giving my feedback after the race…

    Kudos to the UP PMHS team! It was a simple yet fun, organized run! Great job! I love the cheering from start to finish thus it kept me smiling all the way to completing my 10K run. No negative feedback just all smiles. =)

  30. @ Sir Vash, Thanks sir! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to send a reply regarding your comment on race kit distribution. I just realized all the mails from pinoyfitness went to my spam; anyway I hope that you were able to claim your kits when we held a special meet up session at MOA last Thursday for people living in the south.

    @Sir Lans, our sincerest apologies regarding the problem, especially for 3k runners, on hydration. One station was misplaced and was positioned near fitness first; instead of its designated area, near Taste Asia. We transferred the said hydration station as soon as we realized this mistake. We hope that you still enjoyed the run despite our shortcoming. The well being of the participants has always been, and will always be, at the forefront of our priorities.

    We truly appreciate the comments, and we are taking them constructively, so please continue letting us know. Once again, thanks for joining Sugar Rush, and celebrating World Diabetes Day with us.


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