Figaro Fun Run 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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It’s a cool and cloudy day for the Figaro Fun Run @ the Fort, congratulations to all who joined and finished the event. Race Results and Pictures are now available for download.

Download Race Results Here:
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Check out Figaro Fun Run 2010 Photos c/o Greentennial Run Team in the NEW Photo section

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For now please feel free so share your comments and feedback about the race.

Figaro Fun Run Video at the Starting Line


  1. overall a good run..not that organized at the finish line,had to actually stop due to runners traffic and walk as i tear off the finish tag, also runners formed a bottleneck due to limited space as they line up for the freebies….more room for improvement next time… probably timing chips are essential and loot bags to be distributed instead of lining up for each freebies. Hopefully Figaro Run 2 is much better. :)

  2. I agree. I took more walk breaks at Figaro than the previous runs that I joined but still got my best time.

    May part pa na trail yung dadaanan..hahaha

  3. Twas a 1st Figaro Run maybe next time they will give us the BEST FunRun, baka this time yung pandesal me palaman na intead of lining up for gardenia padesal then move to century tuna for the palaman. Ha ha it was fun, may i suggest the next Figaro run to be held in Silang or Tagaytay so that we can see what a coffee tree looks like o did we actually save the coffee trees and its farmers?

  4. Good race and wonderful freebies! We do agree on the inaccurate distance though. We knew something was amiss when everyone in our running group who did the 10K was surprised to have beaten their personal records by as much as 15mins. Also agree on the lack of timing chips. Hope they include this in the race kit next year.

  5. Besting PR for this run when inaccurate is not counted. When a 10k is not a 10k, then what is it?

    Pure 'fun' run though it wasn't fun lining up. It was the very few runs that I joined that I gave up queuing on the photobooth and didn't get much of the freebies as well.

    Coffee before running? Arrythmia alert! Glad to hear no one complained of palpitations, or they couldn't complain anymore :( wag naman sana. I love the massage though.

    Much to be improved. Go Cafe Amadeo.

  6. there will always be a first time, hope u improve and well organized next time especially the safety of the runner while running across the street.

  7. The route was okay, and I agree it was not 10K. However, there was a puddle in one of the backstreets. There are no cones on the road which is quite confusing for both vehicles and runners. There was even a motorcycle moving along the route with the runners. Timing chip is a must. It is not physiological to stop abruptly at the finish line and removing the tab. It is also unfair to those who are tracking their time, those without Garmin. The booths should be placed several meters away from the finish line. They should have placed all the give-aways in one loot bag. There should be separate booths for each race category. Gun start should be 5AM. The sun is already up and the traffic is building up. Pre-registration was a mess. They don’t update their announcements in their website and at I went twice in Mega to claim the singlet, then went to BHS to exchange the singlet. Release of route maps and even race results are delayed.

  8. @RonTab: Our thoughts exactly. We suppose we'll be recording that 10k simply as a 8.62km run and base our time on that. It'll be a one-off in our running logs. Hehehe =)

  9. i won't be expecting to see a 2nd figaro fun run. unless they're serious enough to improve on this one. i felt i was shortchanged with the distance. especially if you are aiming to set a new PR or break your current one. really hated lining-up "before" the finish line

  10. @pseudo barefoot runner thanks for informing us about the inaccurate distance :)

    and for the ORGANIZERS please improve everything from the releasing of the singlets to the sound system at the run, timing chips please and provide a loot bags for the freebies :)

  11. it seems that organizers need to prioritize not just on the “fun” in their runs but the technicalities in them as well. freebies are pretty much welcome, but i hope they will be meticulous enough in their plotting of race distances and efficient stub collection at finish lines – as nobody likes to line up (altho kung freebie yan ok lang)
    and if in fact race distances fall short inform in advance nalang : i.e. 4.2K/8.4K – i will still join even if it’s written 8.4K- at least i know it’s 8.4 and not 10K, and feel less deceived this way.
    ang solution lang ata is to call on all organizers to join their own run – sila-sila lang para alam nila what criteria really matters! (pati si ace hardware sumali na din!)

  12. @ Pseudo barefoot runner … if it’s true that the 5k was just 4.2k this probably explains why I finished in less than an hour when i usually have my 10k on a treadmill for 77minutes max all the time …. i was cheated then

    It was my first run, felt happy with my finish but now knowing that the shortened route explained the speed, oh well

    was disappointed with the freebies distribution as it was very disorganized …

  13. Very disappointed in the run. The 10 km distance was only 8.44, just as some of the other comments say above. Also, agree about the route and organization; it could have been better. For p550 I would expect something much better.

    Sorry, for not being more positive.

  14. Very disorganized. Paano nila malalaman time ng runner, hindi naman nila sinusulat, number lang kinukuha nila. Akala ko barcode reader gagamitin nila kasi may barcode yung bib. Ano yun tantyahan?

  15. @pinoyfitness, one can't help but wonder… is this the same organizer as Ace Hardware's Ecofriendly Run??

    same ending, confusion when you line up at the finish line to give your barcode & inaccurate distance. i just hope that they own up to their mistakes and make an official statement on what they will do to correct it if there will be a next time. they owe it to the runners who are supporting their cause.

  16. I knew the run’s going to be a failure the moment we claimed our singlets. It took half an hour for the Figaro staff to release small to medium sized singlets. We were told that the large ones will be distributed within the day. Good thing we were still at the figaro coffee shop when the large singlets arrived. We even asked for pins for the bibs. (It should always come with the bib race)

    Then come race day…… bottleneck at the finish line!!!!! took me 5 mins to get there. Then you have to fall in line for the freebies….we didn’t bother at all anyway.

    I hope the 2nd Run (if there will be any) won’t be a disappointment as this one.

    a 550 registration fee is like registering for a run organized by RunRio.

  17. @weiwei_an, afaik eXtribe was the race organizer for the figaro fun run. they've handled several races in the past and one of them is the robinsons buddy run where i find it quite organized, if i may say. which is why i was a bit surprised to learn that this race didn't turned out so well. unless they were pulled out the last minute and a different team handled it. maybe a bit harsh but it does remind you of ace hardware run. if the race results doesn't come out in 2 weeks time i'll probably not expect any

  18. i love running as much as i love coffee… this is really a great event for me .. hope the flaws on this year’s event will be corrected next year.

  19. Well, dami talagang flaws on that event but I'm sure the organizers learned from it. Basta nakatakbo, Ok na ko. Ang dami ring magagandang runners kaya ayos na rin.

  20. sorry pero bakit parang runrio lang tlaga ung ok mag organize ng mga run events? compared to NBA fit run, organized by runrio na manual timing, na simple pero ok ung event at mabilis ung result.

  21. @punkurednoize, Im with u, we run because its our little fashion in life. We are not after anything else coz we already got our reward the moment we run and it is a “Good 4 Health” which you cannot compare to a good PR or Medal. We run for ourselves coz we cannot earn good bussiness deal on it just sweat and few loot nagbayad pa nga tayo e. Basta nakatakbo ok na ako, you got it right bruder.

    Basta Figaro!! ayusin nyo next time ha, nice coffee and pandesal. Hire RUNRIO to organize your next run for a cause, just a friendly reminder.

  22. hmm..not all non-rio organized races are a failure. small races also have their advantages. i guess it’s just the inefficiency of the people behind-the-scenes – but if somebody said the main organizer is xtribe i definitely expected more from them. sablay siguro sa budget? venue palang ng booth set-up mukhang tinipid na eh…service-wise din, maybe? but i don’t know how these things work, so these are all guesswork.

  23. well, up to now no race results released yet. The organizer should post an advisory to all runners waiting for their race results. I think they were not able to record the time at all. Well, just look at the positive side that we runners were able to donate for this good cause to save our Barako Trees. We are here to run to share and to give our time for all future fund raising. Just keep running for good health and for others. God Bless…

  24. I join races which prices range from P200 to P750. I do not expect much from P200-P300 races though many times I get more than what I expected. If I pay higher than P500, I see to it that I get my money's worth aside from being assured that the money reached its intended beneficiaries.

  25. Very unlikely that i will join another race by Figaro. Its not well organized, kms not accurate, you have to line up for freebies. Did we really help save the barako tree or Figaro?

  26. my friend run the 10km with me. she finished way ahead of me. pero wala yun bib number niya.organizers paki check naman 2531.

    thank you.

  27. It is so unusual and my first time to see race results posted without names appearing on the list. It's so embarrassing because you treated us as "numbers" and not runners, since you didn't even care to put our names.

    I hope this will not happen again in your next race.

  28. Finally the results….but still disappointing. No names. Just BIB nos. Then three of my friends' did not register in the results….


  29. Waaah!!! ang tagal na nga tapos wala pang names!! tapos wala pa bib no. ko! ang mahal mahal pa.. Siguraduhin nyo lang na maliligtas ang mga barako trees..Parang Ace Hardware Run din..

  30. bago toh ah…

    walang name at bib no. lang? T_T

    hirap naman maghanap ng result nito lalo pag nakalimutan mo na yung bib no. mo…haist!

  31. grabe pati ba naman sa race results palpak din!!! sana wala ng kasunod tong run na to!!! such a mess and such a disappointing run!!! pinagkakitaan lng…

  32. even if the results are up – they are not valid if you waited standing up 8 mins plus to cross the line..(without a clock to see time)…anyway – exercise is exercise and it is better than if we just stayed home sleeping..but i would have been better off running on my own without expense nor expectations.

  33. Worst run ever, from all the 7 Runs I joined this year. Disorganized from gunstart to finish. Announcement was not loud and clear enough whose turn it was run. Water stations are also undermanned, thus further lengthening the time. On top of that, there was long queue at the finish line and the clock was not noticeable. And why are there no RFIDs or sensors for accurate timing and ranking, that finishers have to be manually listed one by one? We did not merely P300 for this, but P500!!!


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