Team Woman Run 2010 by Lactacyd – Race Results

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Congratulations for those you joined this year’s Team Woman Run 2010 by Lactacyd. Race Results is now available for download. Feel free to discuss and post comments about the event.

Download Race Results Here:
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  1. running buddies had fun this morning. the route was very challenging because of the uphill. this added roughly 15% on their PRs

    i guess the HUGE prize brought out a lot of strong (i mean halimaw) runners. saw triathletes, elite runners, and varsities from various schools

    i saw a lot of 5k and 3k runners sprinting throughout the course. i even saw one that made it like her feet was barely touching the ground. stride rate was very high

    the relay concept was very good. though for recreational runners, it'll be a disadvantage because you'd be running under a hot sun if your the last member of the team

    overflowing water and 100plus in the hydration stations. no complaints there

    coach rio was very hands-on on this event. i saw him in the transition area sprinting after the runners to give the plastic loop which they've dropped

    overall this is a very good race. we will be looking forward to next year

    congratulations to everyone who joined

    by the way, i was the team's driver and photographer :P

  2. Coach Rio, You're very hands on to every event. You're truly filled with passion :) inspirational too!

    Thanks for this relay!


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