Pinoy Fitness Tips: Are you tempted to walk or cut your run short?

when you're tempted to walk or stop running


What do you do when you’re aiming to run another 5K or 10K, but felt tempted to walk or just simply cut your run short in the middle of it?

What might be happening is that you are running out of carbohydrates to burn and your body is switching to fats as it’s source of energy, at this point you might feel a bit sluggish that is tempting you to slow down and walk until the fat fuel kicks in. Or the feeling might simply all just be in your head… “I feel tired”, “I didn’t get enough sleep”, “I’ve done enough”, and “no one is watching me anyway”… why not stop, right!!?

What can you do?

1. Run with a partner or a group, this can make sure you can motivate each other to reach your goal.
2. Keep a running log, you wouldn’t want to right down 3K instead of 5K or 8K instead of 10K right?
3. Or buy a training gadget like the Adidas miCoach, which can automatically log your training routine or share it with your friends online.


    • Ideally try to eat carbohydrates with a little protein, toast and yogurt, cereals with raisins and honey, or cereal with banana and low-fat milk, the idea is to have enough sustained energy to fuel you when you run. Eat 2-3 hours before the race, and don't eat anything that is new or foreign even if it's free, it might just not agree with your body.


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