World Pyro Olympics 2010 Schedule Update

world pyro olympics 2010

Click Here for Updates: 1st philippine international Pyromusical competition February 14 2010

I heard that there are news that the World Pyro Olympics 2010 would be scheduled on February 14, 2010 and the venue would be moved to Mall of Asia. But here is the official statement of the committee posted on their website.

The world pyro olympics committee has decided that the event site is unfit for the competition firing. The committee is currently studying other possible locations for the event. The new dates and details of the event shall be posted once a suitable location is selected. Kindly contact the wpo ticket office for refunds.

For inquiries, call 509-4922, 568-6908, 384-0239, 904-1100 or 0906-366-9488.


  1. there is a pyromusical happening in moa starting feb14 but it is not the world pyrolympics. SM has decided to organized their own pyromusical.

    as for the world pyrolympics, they originally announced that it will be rescheduled at january.


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