Average 10KM Personal Record (PR) 2013


Average 10KM Personal Best 2013

Last week we asked the question “What is your average 10K PR?“, we got hundreds of responses and here is the result.

Based on the poll, average 10KM time as of 2013 is now between 55m to 1hr (SUB 1!). Hows your time? Share it below!

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38 comments on “Average 10KM Personal Record (PR) 2013

  1. I usually run 10K as conditioning work out twice a week, the first time I join actual 10K race, it took me 58:36 to complete the race..

  2. This is inaccurate. Try basing your conclusions on actual race results. Only a small percentage of 10K runners finish faster than 1 hour.

    • I’d say it’s fairly accurate considering the population being polled.

      Runners>>Runners who follow PinoyFitness on Facebook>>Runners who follow PinoyFitness on Facebook who’ve run a 10K race>>Runners who follow PinoyFitness who’ve run a 10K race and reply to question posted.

      I think the population will skew towards more sub 1hr 10k runners compared to the population at large.

      Me, I did a 57:18 and said so in reply to the PF post and I’ve got the results (pdf) to back up my claim. I’m sure there are others who can say the same.

      • The title indicates “Average 10KM Personal Record (PR) 2013”, and this is very misleading. The respondents compose only a very small percentage of the total running population. They could have at least included the scope and limitations of this poll/survey, or maybe make the title more specific.

    • Hi Gerry, the text actually indicated that this was based on the poll results. But thanks for your input, will try to make title more accurate next time

    • I agree on your comment. I ran my first 10k at 1:03:36 which is I know slow but time was far far far from the time posted here. I was ranked 336 out of 2000+ runners. 55m can’t be average. Had I ran a bit faster I woild have gotten third place at 58m for women. So confused right now.

      • 1:03:36 is not slow. It could be, if compared to the elites. Comparing your time with most of the runners, your time is relatively fast, considering that it was your first 10K.

      • Actually mabilis ka, Anette, safe to say na way above average if we consider the general statistics ng run in the last 2-3 years. Removing the lower 40% of maybe recreational runners, the average is at 1:10:00 – 1:30:00.

        At tama din si Gerry na may konting anomaly sa figures na to ng PF. Kung tama ang basa ko, may 100+ na respondents sa poll na to. So posible na ang mga nagrespond lang ay ang mga mabilis talaga (50m+-/10k). Tama din si Gerry na dapat tingnan ang aggregate ng race results for a more accurate figures.

        lol Gerry @ “Ah talaga?”

  3. bihirang bihira ako sumali ng 10k since nung 2011 & 2012 eh once a month lang tlagang target ko na mag join sa mga events kaya sinusulit ko na atleast 21k parang long run training na rin…

    my personal record way back nov 21 2010 8th animo run sa MOA is 46:23 … hindi na ulit ako nakapag 10k :-)

    pero nung RUN UNITED 2 2012 21k event may nagpahiram ng bib si brader gerome anivado a.k.a pyxel nakapag split ako for 10K 45:53 …

    para kasing pang 21km and below lang ang talagang competitive yung time ko pag lumagpas na eh gapang to the maxx na :-)

  4. I often participate in the 10k category of fun run events. On my first 10K, I registered at 52:04. That was a run inside AFP. In another fun run event, I finished the race at 55:00 which was considerably slower due to the flyovers and uphills of the venue. My best time was at 50:32 but that was held on a plain flat road.

    I haven’t tried going farther than 10K, like 16K or 21K. I do love 10k distance. In fact, my regular runs are a total of more or less 10K. For me, running for not more than an hour is my limit.

  5. Average ko is 58 min. They are asking average not prs. I usually run a couple of 10ks a week(3-7 times a week).. usually 57 to an 1:05 with average of 58min. Though my pr is quite long. 55mins.

    • Ang tanong e “What is your average 10k PR?”. Paanong not PRs?

      At hindi average ng 57 to 65 mins ang 58 mins. Lalong hindi pwedeng a couple of 10ks kung 3 to 7 times a week. Labo ser

  6. Year 2008: 10K = 00:55:00
    Year 2013: 10K = 01:05:00

    Average 10K = 00:60:00 (1-hour)

    I slowed down through the years but not bad considering that im 42 y/o.

  7. AT THE 47yro i ran 5 10km and 2 16km b4 i try HALF MARATHON MY BEST TIME FOR 10km is 56:57 at AKOTR 2012

  8. 0:58:28.67 ave. for 21 different nos. of 10k runs – slow, strength, tempo, race pace & hill runs. Hardly to get 45-50 min. considering the age. But I do have the passion of running :-)

  9. baka na-shy na tuloy mag-accurate self-report yung mga 10k runners who run 10k at 1:25 to 1:40.

    • cguro nga kc may mala-kenyan pala d2. But it’s true nman na marami ng pinoy na mabibilis tumakbo mapa-lalaki o babae. Keep it up guys para hindi n gawing negosyo palagi ng mga Kenyans na kahit fun runs tira cla ng tira huhuhu :-(


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