Kristy Abello

Kristy is a full time IT Manager in Procter & Gamble. She started running eight years ago as part of P&G’s Wellness initiatives and discovered that she liked it so much. She ran her first 42KM in 2008 with a time of 5:54, and years later, ran her best 42KM in 3:30 hours. She qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it on April 2016. Her recent wins include 1st place in the Nat Geo 21KM Category (2015), 1st place PF 21KM Sub-2 Challenge (2015), 4th place in the National Milo Finals 21KM (2015), and 3rd Place in Cebu Marathon 21KM Category (2016). Kristy is part of the Alabang Pukers running team. You can see her running around the Makati or BGC area at 5:30-7:00AM.