How to manage your Long Distance Workout Relationships


When as the last time you run with a group? Are you still part of a team? Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of fitness groups, gyms and club activities are put on hold, and staying connected with the people that motivates and challenge you are now harder then ever. However, staying connected with our fitness groups is a vital part of keeping ourselves healthy. It does not only helps us physically, but mentally as well.

So how do you stay connected in this new world? I caught up with my favorite fitness groups and asked how they have been keeping their relationships tight to make sure that everyone in the group is motivated to stay fit and healthy. Here are some tips on how to make your long distance workout relationship work:

1. Check on Each Other

During these times, a simple “how are you?” goes a long way. For FitPlus Founder and Director, Jhonna, this gesture is already appreciated by their members. Not everyone gets enough emotional support in their home so it’s nice to know that you can also get this from the people who have also been your support in your fitness journey. If you’re feeling a little extra, try a videochat. You might already make somebody’s day by just letting them know they have someone they can reach out to.

2. Schedule a Workout Together

Since it’s through fitness that you met these people, what’s a better activity than working out together? Try scheduling a workout at least once a week and do a variety of activities to keep them challenging. A number of platforms available in one tap can be used to organize events like this. With Zoom, Google Chat, and etc., it’s easier to feel like everyone is still together while staying in the comfort of their homes.


3. Do Something Different

This pandemic has surely brought out a lot of creativity from everyone. We started learning different things from making Dalgona coffee, baking breads, to learning how to jump rope. Be creative as a group, and it doesn’t even have to be related to fitness, try a game night of Among Us, host a Netflix Party, or do a Karaoke session on Kumu. You can even try to share recipes and hold a cooking challenge, assign someone to host a workshop to teach others a new skill, and make it even more fun by incorporating themes or dress codes according to holidays or whatever you feel like for the moment. Surely, many of us are itching to break free from the usual pambahay clothes.

4. Help the Community

Help the community in a way that it doesn’t even have to be all about being active. For example, Adidas Runners Manila has kept themselves in touch with the communities by doing donation drives for the ones affected by the typhoons last year and a community pantry. Nowadays, it’s easier to lend a helping hand since donations can even be given through online apps. This can help your members to inspire, to build a deeper purpose, and to stay connected with others.

“A boat does not go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”

5. Keep the Challenges Coming

Lastly, you can also join a virtual challenge as a team or group, even if you run separately, having a common goal as a group can help bring excitement, motivation and something to talk about with the group. Check out our ongoing virtual challenges by downloading the Pinoy Fitness Atleta Mobile App. Being physically away from each other should not stop you from trying to achieve some goals. With your teams or groups, you may even achieve greater heights and discover untapped potentials.

These are just a few things that we can try to do to stay connected. There are many other activities and ways we can do to make our friends and family feel our presence despite not being there with them physically. We should be prioritizing our overall health during this time and be more aware of it. This pandemic has given us different challenges already and one of the best lessons we can learn from it is that making or keeping connections can help in making life more bearable and add a little fun to it.


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