UP Academic Oval now open for runners and other fitness activities


Starting November 7, the UP Academic Oval will once again be open to the public for de-stressing activities like (walking, jogging, running, yoga, stretching and taichi). But here are a few guidelines to take note of:

1. Group exercises up to a MAXIMUM of 10 participants only.
2. Exercise (ie. walking, jogging and running) traffic will be counterclockwise.
3. Biking is NOT allowed around the Academic Oval. Bikers may use other roads around the campus.
4. Public will only be allowed to enter the Academic Oval from 5AM to 9AM and 4PM to 8PM.
5. Academic Oval will remain CARLESS.
6. Vehicle owners are reminded to keep their valuables and possessions safe.
7. Everyone must bring their own personal exercise equipment.
8. Only the washroom located at the lower ground floor of Quezon Hall can be used.

In line with IATF guidelines, the following UPD rules on open spaces must be followed:
1. Individuals under 15 years and over 65 years old will not be allowed to enter.
2. Users must bring isopropyl or ethyl alcohol when entering the premises
3. Users must always wear their face mask and face shield; otherwise, they will not be allowed entry
4. No Social Gatherings are allowed
5. Practice physical distancing even when running

Photo c/o: Abel M. Quiñones




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