Chrys Iniego: Weight Loss Starts With You

The first step is always the hardest. But once you put your heart and mind to it, everything else follows.



I work as a Division Chief at Land Bank of the Philippines – Palawan Accounting Center, I am an only child and a Certified Public Accountant.

I was 90-ish kg (180lbs) when I started, or maybe heavier. At first I was afraid to check my weight on the weighing scale, I was afraid of the truth that I am obese. I have always been heavier compared to people of my age ever since I was a child. Sometimes I blame it on genetics, and let’s add to that I’m being an only child, I almost always get all of my parents love (including food I want *grin*).

Since I started working at the bank, I did not have that much time to set aside for exercise or workouts because I always go home late. I have an alibi to rest, eat all I can and binge watch movies and TV series. I used tell myself; those are my rewards for working hard.

What was your situation that prompted you to change your lifestyle?

I was so broken when my best friend died during a tragic boat accident in Iloilo last August 2019. I wanted to tire myself through exercise so much, so that when I get home, I’ll think of nothing but sleep. I felt so depressed, I felt heavy (emotionally and physically), and that depression forced me to change.


At first I started with cutting rice from my food intake. A month after, my friend helped me do a revamp of my complete lifestyle. Among the things we changed was cutting my sugar intake, and regulated my carb intake, increased water consumption, improved my sleep and wake up pattern, exercise activities and a healthy mindset to name a few.

What were the challenges you faced?

I don’t mean to sound boastful, but the change was not hard. I think it is because I personally wanted change in my physical state that I am so determined to do all the necessary changes that needed to be done. As the saying goes, if there’s a will there’s a way. I started cutting rice on December 2019. But I started the complete lifestyle change only in January 2020.

I started feeling changes in my self as early as 1 month. Then people around started noticing the changes around March 2020. I had to change my clothing size in April 2020 and I started joining virtual activities starting June 2020. That’s when I enjoyed the journey.

But there was a time when my weight-loss plateaued. I felt so discouraged when that happened, I feel like I didn’t achieved anything despite all the things and sacrifices I have done.

How were you able to conquer the challenges?

My friend instilled in me that do not always based your progress in the number that you see in the weighing scale. Because the strength, stamina and self confidence can’t be measured by it, also says I should always believe that I can do it in a slowly but surely mindset.

So I just sticked to what I was doing. I eat healthy. I exercise regularly. I go to bed on time. I wake up early. I do complete rest every week. During my rest, that’s when I look back on all the things I’ve done for the whole week. I have a journal. I jot everything there in connection with my weight loss journey. The setting of goals, activities, diet, weight monitoring and the realizations I had during the day.

How do you feel after achieving your goals? What are the changes?

First and most obvious is that I am now 2 sizes smaller *grin*. I can say I am a more positive person now as compared before. I don’t easily get out of breath whenever I go up and down the stairs. I used to look forward in eating at a new place whenever payday comes, but now, I look for virtual activities and races that I could join and choose the one I want to and then register once payday comes.

For now, I haven’t taken off my sight on the 60kg weight goal. Now i’m at 72kg. I am still far from the goal, but that doesn’t stop me from aspiring that one day I’ll hit that mark in the weighing scale. One day at a time. One step at a time.

If you feel like it’s forever to see results, think of this, you did not get heavy in just a few months. Hindi ka naman bumigat ng overnight lang. Na-accumulate mo din yan ng ilang taon. #SlowlyButSurely. Every time na kakain ka tandaan mo, kumakain ka HINDI para mabusog, kundi para hindi magutom.

Listen to what your body says. If it says it needs rest, do not force yourself to do strenuous and continuous workouts, have your rest.

Any Tips and Advice to the readers?

1. The first step is always the hardest. But once you put your heart and mind to it, everything else follows.
2. Try doing workouts with other people. But do not be discouraged if they don’t come along. Be true to your commitment with yourself because you are the first to benefit from it.
3. Solo workouts are productive. Why? Because you can do everything in your own time and pace. You can use it as your “Me Time”. You can do self-realizations during these times. Listen to the sound of your own mind.
4. Do not compare yourself with other people. We are all unique in terms of body type, diet, lifestyle and workout. Continue to focus on yourself and compare yourself from where you were a month ago.
5. Enjoy the current process and work hard at improving yourself. If I can do it, I assure you, you can do it also! Aja!
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