Our First Time to Try Couple Workouts


#CoupleGoals, #RelationshipGoals, #Fitspiration, #ChinaOil… the internet is full of hashtags that will unearth thousands of photos and videos, and make you lose hours and hours of mindless scrolling and double tapping. I confess that I’m guilty of browsing Instagram before going to sleep; one night I just found myself down #CoupleWorkouts rabbit hole. In fairness, that got me inspired.

On the next gym day with the fiance, I asked him to do 5 Couple Workouts with me. Here are my thoughts and realizations:

1. Tap Planks

Start in a high plank, facing each other. Lift right hand and tap your partner’s hand. Repeat for left side.

Planking is a great core workout and this sure did get my core sore the next day! Note to self: keep my hips square.


2. Back to Back Chair

Stand with backs together(arms wrapped optional) and slowly inch feet forward until squatting down to a 90-degree bend. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

I had difficulties doing this because I kept giggling while trying to sit down for a squat!

3. Weighted Russian Twist

Sit back-to-back with a few inches between each other. Lean back against each other for balance. Heels on the ground, knees bent (about 90 degrees). Hold the weight plate/dumb bell/medicine ball at the chest and rotate from upper torso and pass to your partner. You partner rotates right to take the weight and quickly pass it to the left side. Receives the weight on the left and repeat the same movement.

Another core workout! Got a good burn at my obliques while doing this.

4. Squat Hold with High Knees

Hold a low squat with arms extended in front of the shoulders while the other does high knees, always touching the partners hands with their knees. Do for 30-45 seconds. Switch positions.

This got me laughing again because he kept hitting my arms with full force! Got a good burn on my glutes while holding the squat and the high knees after got my heart racing!

5. Partner Leg Lift

Lay on your back while your partner stands facing your head. Raise your legs towards your partner and he will  push your legs towards the floor. Resist hitting your legs on the floor. Lift legs again and repeat. Switch positions.

Finisher core workout! It may look easy but resisting your legs from hitting the floor will surely get you cry a little inside!

It was really fun doing these cutesy workouts together… definitely worth incorporating in your fitness routine!


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