Noel Tillor: Running Away From Vices and Towards Success


To give myself a little bit of fresh air, I currently visited Singapore and was able to watch an International Marathon for the very first time. The Singapore Marathon is an IAAF Gold Label Race that commences every year participated by runners from all over the world where they challenge themselves to beat their personal records under the hot and humid climate of Singapore.

Luckily enough for me, I was able to witness how a fellow Filipino, Mr. Noel Tillor, finished third for the half marathon with a 1:19:58 triumph. Hearing the announcer mention Philippines after two Singaporeans cross the finish line gave me shivers. Right then I knew I had to know more about this Mr. Tillor and so I did a little bit of research and asked this humorous Cebuano a few questions to find out about his running career and what had lead to his successes for over the past 11 years since he started running.

It is never too late to start

In sports, having a headstart is a great advantage, but for the 34 year young *Mr. Tillor who started his career at 23 years old, When you start is not the case but it is What you do in order to get to your goal. Mr. Tillor was able to put his age and vices – from cigarettes, alcohol, to narcotics behind him because he was determined to change his life and live healthy through running.


This turn-around point lead him to placing 12th overall on a 10km for Milo Marathon under 50 minutes despite being a beginner. From then he started added running to his daily routine and completed his first marathon on 2010 at 4:47, which he broke with a 2:58 the following year at Cebu International Marathon. His addiction to running was so evident that he even joined an Ultramarathon on the same year twice and was the champion for both.

dedication, self-discipline, patience, and belief in oneself.

Training like a veteran

Of course, I had to ask Mr. Tillor if he could give a piece of advice for those who aspire to get better as a runner especially those who started late in training and who are also battling with turning their cheeks the other way from unhealthy life choices. For Mr. Tillor, one has to remember these four things: dedication, self-discipline, patience, and belief in oneself. Besides these, it is also important that you feed your body with the right nutrition it needs, that you give yourself enough rest, that you eat healthy foods, that you train well and wisely, and that you are ready to sacrifice anything that could go in your way towards your goal.

To find out more about this multi-titled new balance athlete and coach, you may visit his facebook page: and instagram: @noeltillor9719


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