Certified Calm Takes on Global Mala Project 2018


TAGUIG CITY, Philippines – Certified Calm has partnered once again with Global Mala Project to organize the biggest gathering of yoga enthusiasts in the Philippines, for a full day of sharing positive energy last September 30, 2018 at Blue Leaf McKinley.

For its 11 years of running the event, the Global Mala Project has been executing these events for yogis and yoginis all around the world with the objective of forming a symbolic mala (prayer beads) spanning the globe. The purpose being to channel and project healing energy in a world now more divided and hurting than ever in recent years. A highly ambitious cause where little by little they work towards, by donating all the proceeds of the event to a specially chosen cause for the year.

This edition of the Global Mala Project has chosen Voice of the Free as their beneficiary. Founded in 1991 Voice of the Free is a non-profit organization that fight for the rescue, rehabilitation and prevention of women and children who are victims and/or at risk for human trafficking, exploitation and modern slavery [learn more about them here] . With a collective attendance of 600 individuals, Global Mala was successful in raising funds for Voice of the Free.

In a sense, you could say that there are endless possibilities with yoga. From increasing full-body awareness and promoting mindfulness through various poses and synchronized breath work, as well as in the practice of living, it makes possible the achievement of harmony in every aspect of each of our lives, despite the chaos of a fast-paced, modern, lifestyle. True to the practice’s mantra: Namaste (meaning, “I honor the divine that exists in you that exists in me, as well”), yoga is a practice that is not only promotive of development and restorative for the self, but for others, as well.

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However, much like many other radical changes in lifestyle, how and where to start with practicing mindfully and living sustainably is often one of the first, major roadblocks, anyone encounters. But with diligence, openness and eagerness to learn, you surpass this roadblock and everything else begins to flow naturally, much like how your meditations work to open up blocks in your chi (energy).
Helping those who want to integrate these practices and concepts in their lifestyle is retail concept brand: Certified Calm. As one of the major sponsors at the Mindful Market during the event, and on a more consistent basis through its retail stores in the metro, Certified Calm has been and is still an essential link in enabling those endless possibilities, as it makes more accessible the brands in the practice of yoga who that for sustainable living.

Armed with its major brands Manduka and Klean Kanteen, Certified Calm has been an Manduka is the leading brand producing mats and yoga accessories in the marketplace today. Each product is made with a simple design using renewable and natural materials whenever possible. These accessories are guaranteed to last for years—perfect for those who wish to commit to a regular yoga practice. Manduka promises simplicity, durability, safety, and sustainability.

With a #BringYourOwn campaign, Certified Calm through Klean Kanteen not only makes it easy to take on the practice of mindful and sustainable living, but even urges and ushers you into harmonious living. 400 plastic bottles in total was prevented from being used, helping to eliminate single-use products that greatly contribute to the increasing waste pollution around the world. Klean Kanteen products are made with top quality and safe materials that can keep beverages’ temperature for a long time. It also comes in pretty colors and styles that will suit everyone’s lifestyle. Klean Kanteen is made to last and make an impact in this lifetime.
Certified Calm stores are located at Two Parkade BGC, Power Plant Mall and The Podium. Follow @certified_calm on Instagram and log on to www.certifiedcalm.com for more updates. #ThriveActively


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