Celebrity Fitness Now in Manila!


There’s a new gym in the metro and it’s geared to unleash the star within you!

Last year, Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Asia merged together to bring the largest fitness club networks in Asia that will be composed of 152 fitness clubs across Asia.

And this August 2018, they are opening their first branch in the Philippines at One Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

“Celebrity Fitness – a fitness club where we rebel against ordinary workouts”

The goal of Celebrity Fitness is to make every workout Edgy, Fun, and Sensational. With this in mind, their classes are headed by “StarMakers” who are there to make sure that you enjoy every class you take while guiding you to “feel and look like a star”.

This means that their classes are bound to be upbeat, full of energy, and geared to give you a good time. Some of the much-anticipated classes that they are to bring in the Philippines this August are:

Dance N’ Attitude – variations of dance classes where you can choose the beat you want to dance to, may it be the hottest dance club moves, hip-hop beats, burlesque-inspired, or Latin-inspired dance routines!


Saltar– Their signature trampoline Class where you (almost) literally reach for the stars as you bounce your way to burning those calories.

Floating Yoga – A whole-new approach to yoga by defying convention and gravity as you challenge your strength and grace in performing graceful asana mid-air.

Fast Fit – Their High-Intensity Interval Class that is sure to challenge your muscle endurance and stamina all to reach the goal of shredding fat.

They are also inviting everyone to their Open Playground Party so those who are interested and curious about the gym can experience what it’s like to be a member for a day.

The best part about this is that they currently have a pre-opening promo wherein you only have to pay 2550 pesos instead of the regular 3,000 pesos + membership Fee. According to their Facebook Page, their preselling rate allows you to save up to 2400 pesos!

For more information and membership inquiries, you can contact 09278316411 or 09503291751


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