MNL Airport Runway Run 2018 Video Review


The 1st Manila Airport Runway Run concluded last July 7, 2018 with about 3,000 runners who came to experience running on an actual airport runway. Due to the busy airport schedule, the race was scheduled to take place at 12 midnight of July 8.

The event was hosted by the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) as a celebration for Manila as one of the TOP 10 Most Improved Airports in the world according to SKYTRAX.

Runners where transported via buses from Terminal 3 to a holding area where the race venue was located as early as 7PM, no race bibs where provided, instead each runner was given a temporary passport that allowed them to pass through Terminal 3 security and to hop on the bus taking them to the venue area.

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One of the highlights of the race was the MIAA high-tech fire-trucks shooting water so high up in the sky making it feel like it’s raining during gunstart. And since the race started at midnight, lighting was a challenge, I was happy to see that there was a portion of the runway that was well lit, enough to take a quick selfie along the runway, though most part of the course was pitch dark.

It would have been much better if the race was during sunrise or sunset, but I guess that will all depend on when the runway can be closed for an event.

The race was just a quick loop around the runway, the 5K run turned out to be a 3.5K loop, it was short, but now, I’m one of the few runners that have a STRAVA segment along the Manila Airport Runway. COOL!

Event Photos:
Runway Run Photos c/o MIAA Album 1
Runway Run Photos c/o MIAA Album 2
Runway Run Photos c/o PF

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