LOOK: These runners drew a SaRUNgola using GPS


Running can be a very monotonous workout… right foot… left foot… right… left… right… left…

But not for these kalurkey runners!

Over the weekend, our running friends over at Quezon City had fun with their training. Photos submitted by runner Robert Gonzales shows how we can change things up. Instead of a Friday night out and staying up late with the gang; they woke up early Saturday morning, laced up their shoes and let their feet’s creativity flow. Yes, really, FEET.


With McDo EDSA corner Quezon Ave. as their starting point, they set off on their adventure at 3:35am.

They braved the roads of EDSA, Quezon Ave. and Timog Ave. as they traverse the landmarks of Trinoma and Philippine Science High School. These incredible runners rounded Quezon Memorial Circle as they made their way to the UP Sunken Garden and back to finish the loop around the [QC Memorial] circle.

But wait, there’s more! From the Circle, they pound gravel further to bypass the Land Registration Authority, and GMA Network Center until reaching their 25km mark somewhere along Quezon Avenue marking the end of their fun epic run. Whew! How to be you guys po?

They’ve put a whole different meaning to running in shape. Kudos to Robert Gonzales and the gang!

Have a quirky route as well? Send them over, we’d love to hear about it! Or post them online with a hastag of #PFRunInShape so we can check out all the creative running routes you guys have been doing!

We’ve put a whole different meaning to the phrase Run In Shape. We are looking for the most kaloka, kabog, kalurkey, fun, creative run route you can think of! Let’s have some fun while running. Remember the hashtag! – #PFRunInShape


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