Alcon Launches the Dailies Contact Lenses


In line with their latest release that is the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, Alcon conducted a press conference last May 15 at the Idarts Dash, BGC to introduce their latest contact lenses product. The dailies contact lenses are proclaimed to be a great fitness accessory as it brings comfort to your daily fitness activities, easily usable, fresh to the eyes, and affordable.

Wearing eyeglasses is no easy task when you are exercising or playing a sport. Personally, I prefer working out without eyeglasses since it gets uncomfortable whenever I sweat plus it’s quite a hassle to keep it in place whenever I need to do quick movements. I made the switch to contact lenses exactly two years ago and I can say that they have been my lifesavers ever since.

Wearing the dailies make you feel like you’re not wearing anything in your eyes thus making it perfect for working out.

The Dailies, from the name itself, is a one-day use contact lens that delivers blink-activated moisture for refreshing comfort throughout the day. It is dubbed to be user-friendly where you don’t need to clean the lenses at the end of the day and fresh since you start with a clean new pair every day.

The Dailies are also known for their comfortability, which is a big factor when it comes to practicing your fitness activities. Unlike other contacts that I have used, the dailies didn’t cause any irritation in my eyes. Wearing the dailies actually felt like I wasn’t wearing anything in my eyes, thus kept me focused on working out..

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The Dailies is a great fitness accessory since you no longer have to feel the weight and hassle of your glasses. It’s easy to use, always fresh, and very comfortable making it convenient to practice my fitness activity.

Moving from eyeglasses to contact lenses was indeed one of the best choices I have made when it comes to my workout and I would recommend this for a hassle-free time.

The Alcon Dailies is available in a 30-piece pack for 1,495.00. You can avail their summer promo and enjoy a 20% discount on two boxes by checking their website at


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