McDonalds “Secret Menu” : In Running and Calories


In case you haven’t heard, McDonald’s’ secret menu is out and it’s as mouthwatering as ever. The country’s second largest fast food chain (next to the ever leading Jollibee) is satisfying their customer’s burger craving with the extra ingredients it adds to the plate.

Now, for us fitness junkies, we wonder, how much (extra) calories do we consume when we eat them? Here’s the list of the menu and their calorie count to keep you informed.

1. Triple Cheeseburger

Not one, not two, but three!
Calories: 520
Fat: 48%
Distance to Run: 8KM

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2. Double McChicken

Calories: 530 calories
Fat: 41%
Distance to Run: 8.5KM

3. Double Quarter Pounder with cheese

Calories: 780
Fat: 52%
Distance to Run: 11.5KM

4. Surf ‘N turf

A combination of McDo’s BigMac and Fish-O-Fillet burgers.
Calories: 790
Fat: 42%
Distance to Run: 11.5KM

There you have it, mga ka-PF! Although the calories may be heavier than ever, it’s no doubt that these meals are extra yummier as well. You can treat yourself once in awhile, just make sure you do the extra running.

McDonald’s secret menu is available nationwide from 10:30 am to 4:30 am for dine in, take out and delivery.

Calorie Reference: MyFitnessPal


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