5 Ways To Overcome Boredom During Long Runs


Long Runs can be boring, especially when you’re doing it alone. But to safely run a marathon one is required to do Long Slow Distance “LSD” runs to help prepare the body to endure the stress of the upcoming race.

So we did a quick survey in the Pinoy Fitness Community and asked more than 2,000 members how they avoid boredom when they run a full marathon. Here are 5 of the top most answers:

1. Make a Music Playlist

Majority answered music because this is what pumps you up and gets you into your running groove. When you are listening to music, your mind is taken away by the beats and sounds of your playlist thus reducing that mentality of boredom on your mind. Music can also be used as an energizer that gives you the boost you need to conquer the long challenge ahead.

2. Find a Running Buddy

Running with a friend or a team with shared passion and goal can give you company and entertainment throughout the run, reducing the boredom you feel when you run by yourself. If you are looking for a running buddy, visit the Pinoy Fitness Community Page and see if you can find someone, a running club or a group of friends with the same interest as you.

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3. Set a New Goal

Increase your pace, vary your distance, or break your PR. A new goal every run can bring out the motivation and determination in you, challenge yourself throughout the run, imagine that’s your chasing your crush or your idol.

4. Explore New Running Areas

Tired of running in the same place always? Try participating in marathons held in venues you have yet to see. This will allot you to check out new views, enjoy nature, landmarks and places that will seem like an adventure. Plus, it’s always great to check out new places from time to time.

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5. Think of why You Started

To be a better runner? To lose weight? Look Sexy? Or to get that beautiful finisher package at the end of the race. Remember why you started running and what is the reason why you kept going. As the saying by Steve Maraboli goes, “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”


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