5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Running Setback


5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Running Setback

Being stuck in a rut or a running setback is a normal phase for runners. Whether it’s because of boredom, an injury, or letting laziness take over, it could be challenging to get out of it. While this may be common, here are five suggestions on how you can get out or bounce back from a running setback when you experience such.

1. Run Short to get the Groove Back

Psychology says that one way to recover from a setback is not to wallow in it. This, too, could be applied in what you’re dealing with. If you feel you’ve lost interest or you’re just plainly bored, find a new route or new place and just start to run. Perseverance and creativity in your routine is the key to spicing it up in order not to get bored.

2. Set a New Goal

Already achieved your desired weight? Conquered a marathon? Time for another one! Don’t be too attached into achieving just one goal — the more goals you have, the better as you get to grow as a runner and face new challenges that will uplift your skills. Try to beat your old time, run in a different country, or learn a different sport like swimming or triathlon.

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3. Join a Running Community

Having the same interest with tons of people gives you the chance to share your ideas and learn more about what you’re passionate about. Indeed, there’s nothing better than having a common bond and interest with a community where you can meet, run and learn more about your passion from running enthusiast coming from all walks of life. This might help you figure out new ideas that can help you escape the rut you’re currently facing.

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4. Buy New Running Gear

It has also been proven that new sports gear motivates the person to exercise and actually bring a person to the Gym. This coming payday, use your hard earned money to buy that running shoe you’ve always wanted or even new shorts that you know will get you running again. If you’re looking for top notch running brands, check out the following:

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5. Do Cross Training

Apply for a GYM membership, go for a boxing class, CrossFit or do YOGA. Always remember that while you’re in a rut, lack of exercise could lead to weight gain. Trying new types of workout can give you a much needed boost when it comes to building new interest in fitness and perhaps that appetite to run again.

While it is normal to find yourself in a running setback, always put in mind that your fitness routine does not stop along with your setback. Fitness is a part of our lifestyle, and it’s about finding your way around the regimen in order to achieve your desired goals.


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