5 Types of Alcohol you Should be Drinking


5 Types of Alcohol you Should be Drinking

For people into fitness, avoiding alcohol is one of the rules in order to achieve the fitness we desire. However, drinking alcohol does not always have to be unhealthy. While we eat right, exercise regularly and get the right amount of sleep, here are 5 alcoholic beverages that you can take occasionally without ruining your diet:

1. Tequila

Having the lowest number of calories, tequila has a number of health benefits to your body. It is naturally made of agavins, which is a type of sugar that acts like fiber and does not raise your blood sugar levels like the usual alcohol beverage. This type of sugar found in tequila helps lower cholesterol and can even benefit your weight loss depending on how much you take.

Recommended consumption: A standard tequila shot is 1 oz (between 64 to 69 calories).

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2. Red Wine

The saying stands true that one cheeseburger is equivalent to one glass of wine. Although, if drank in moderation, red wine together with its active compounds like polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin could help improve overall heart health. Red wine slows down the process of glucose that hit the bloodstream and lessens the spikes of insulin in the body.

Note: Rose wine is one of the strongest beverage that prevents atherosclerosis (a heart disease).

Recommended consumption: The standard red wine glass is 5 oz (120 calories).

3. Whiskey

Having a cold or a flu? Have a shot of whiskey to prevent and hinder your next “I have colds” excuse. Not only does whiskey prevent flu, but it also assimilates rogue cells that fight off cancer.

Recommended consumption: one serving (varies from 64-80 calories depending on the kind).

4. Champagne

Champagne is normally used to cap off a celebration especially with its sweet and bubbly taste. Despite its sweetness, drinking champagne in moderation helps in enhancing your memory performance and even the quality of your skin. The next time you score a celebratory champagne drink, remember the advantages it brings to your system but also remember to drink it moderately.

Recommended consumption: One half glass or a glass at most (95 calories per glass).

5. Rum

Another hard drink consisting of sugarcane and molasses that helps aids mental health. Rum combats muscle pain, prevents common cold, is good for the heart and acts as a blood thinner and increases HDL cholesterol. Rum (230 calories and 100 grams) also does not contain carbohydrates (process sugar) and fat.

Recommended consumption: One serving (varies from 64-80 calories depending on the kind).

Remember that drinking these 5 beverages are fine for as long as you drink it in moderation. Be responsible with how much you drink or you’ll regret that when you see the numbers in the weighting scale again.

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