Customized Running Belt and Hydration with Fitletic


Customized Running Belt and Hydration with Fitletic

Hydration is one of the most important factors to consider when running. On organized road races, we want to race as light as possible, bringing little or no hydration at all, but on short runs, we need to be self sufficient even with a single bottle, and bring more hydration when we’re out for a long run.

The Key is being able to customize your hydration requirements based on the activity you are joining. Bringing too much can drag you down, and too little can cause dehydration.

Based on experience, here are my suggestions:

1. Organized Road Races and Short Runs

On road races with trusted organizers, you can go with just a race belt to hold your keys and cellphone and no hydration bottles. Organized road races normally provide hydration stations every 1.5KM. On “Green Races” where everyone is required to bring their own bottles, a single light weight bottle is recommended.

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This setup is also recommended for short and speed runs (Less then 10KM).

In this situation we recommend the FITLETIC Single Pouch (P1,090) and the FITLETIC Hydration Add-On (P599) for Green Races. Watch the video below on how you can easily customize the belts.

2. Long Runs or LSD’s

When doing long runs alone or with a group, you need to bring enough hydration to get you to the next hydration stop (the next 7-Eleven Station or Family Mart). It’s important to bring your phone and some money for emergency purposes, like let’s say you bonked and you need to UBER yourself back home.

It’s also important to bring 2 hydration bottles, one for water and the other can contain your sports drink, especially if you’re running for more than 1 hour. For this we recommend the FITLETIC Hydration Belt (P2,125)

You can also decide to use this for longer road races or for your marathon.

And Fitletic Running and Hydration Belt are available at select Toby’s Sports and Olympic Village and all RUNNR and R.O.X. stores nationwide.


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