6 Obstacles to Master before the Spartan Race PH


6 Obstacles to Master before the Spartan Race PH

Conquering a Spartan Race is more than just using brute force and strength, it’s also about technique. This is what I learned from training together with Atty. Agra (President of POSF -Philippine Obstacle Sports Commission) and the POSF team.

There several ways to clear an obstacle, though all of them requires a combination of strength and endurance, knowing the proper technique can save you a lot of time and energy to complete the entire course.

Here are 8 of the Obstacles you should master before going into a Spartan Race.

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1. Rope Climb

This is probably one of the obstacles that needs proper technique to conquer. Most athletes will use brute force and upper body strength to pull themselves up to reach the top. Rather a more appropriate technique is to hook the rope and push your way to the top with ease. Master this technique to conserve strength and endurance for the upcoming challenge.

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2. Z-Wall

The Z-Wall is an obstacle where in you have to traverse a puzzled wall. You are not allowed to hold the top of the frame nor slip. The basic technique is to get close to wall and find your center of gravity, don’t lean back as this will make the course a lot harder.

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3. Slip Wall

For the Slip Wall, make sure you lean back while pulling yourself to the top. This is to avoid accidental slip that can make you fall face down first. Ouch!

4. Monkey Bars

Before our training with POSF, the only technique I know was to do the straight technique. Learning that I can conquer the Monkey Bars using the side-to-side technique allowed me to be more confident with this obstacle, this might take more energy, but it’s surely provide less stress on the shoulders.

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5. 6ft and 8ft Wall

Muscle it Up! That’s the usual technique. But based on our practice, it’s actually more efficient, less effort and faster if you perform the leg-hook technique.

6. Inverted Wall

Similar to the 6ft and 8ft wall, the leg-hook technique is the more efficient way to clear the Inverted Wall, the inversion actually makes it harder for us to muscle-it-up.

Thank you Atty. Agra and the entire POSF Family for adopting me! Now if you want to try our the obstacles yourself, you can contact the Obstacle Sports Factory with the details below! See you on Sept 16! Aroo!

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