What Happens To Your Body When You Do Planks Every Day?


What Happens To Your Body When You Do Planks Every Day?

Probably the simplest and easiest way to get in shape is to do bodyweight exercises, or exercises that burn fat and build muscle using a person’s own weight – no equipment is involved.

One of the most effective bodyweight exercises is planking. Here’s what happens to your body when you do planks every day.

1. You strengthen your core muscles

Planking engages all the core muscle groups: the transverse abdominis (which helps you lift heavier weights), the rectus abdominis (also known as the 6-pack), the external oblique muscles (which allow you to do side bends and twists), and the glutes (which supports the back and booty).

2. Your metabolism speeds up

Compared to crunches and sit-ups, planks burn more calories. Stronger core muscles ensure that you burn calories even when you’re not doing anything, like when you’re sitting in front of the computer for hours or even when you’re asleep.


3. You reduce the risk of back and spinal injuries

Doing planks regularly minimizes back pain and ensures strong and stable back support.

4. You’ll be more flexible than ever

Planks stretch your shoulders, shoulder blades, collarbone, hamstrings, arches of your feet, and toes, giving you added flexibility.

5. You have better posture

When you do planks regularly, you’ll stand up straighter and look taller.

6. You feel more balanced – physically, mentally, and emotionally

With stronger core muscles, you’ll be able to hold your balance for longer periods of time – an advantage for anyone, most especially for those into sports. Plus, planking stretches muscles that contribute to overall stress and tension – your mind will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Here’s a 5-minute plank workout you can do at home:

Plank Exercise Courtesy of Neilarey.com


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