8 Moves That Can Make You A Superhero



8 Moves That Can Make You A Superhero

The Superhero frenzy caused by the DC and Marvel movies have made us dream of looking like Superman, Captain America, or Wonder Woman. But what will looking like them do if you do not have even just a teeny bit of their strength and skills?

Dreaming about being a Superhero and being able to do the moves as well is definitely self-esteem-boosting and endorphin-rushing. It will also take your fitness goals (and level!) a notch or two higher.

Check out this workout program that focuses on each of the featured Superhero’s skills. Merge this with your weekly workout plan to gain maximum benefits.

Workout equipment needed: Kettlebells, Pull up bar, Plyometric Box or 16” sturdy bench, Slam Ball, Weighted Sled (KBs are an option), Olympic Bar, Sledge Hammer (A heavy medicine ball is an option)

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This wall scaling, agile Superhero has quick reflexes as well as great control of his core. Climbing or scaling walls is a mean task but you can condition your body like Spidey by doing the following moves in the gym or at home.

Kettlebell Swings for Climbing speed

If you have never handled a kettlebell, use a dumbbell instead but hold the bar instead of the head.

Burpee, Push Ups, Pull Ups

If you are a beginner at exercise, modify your burpee by stepping back one leg at a time to get to the plank position and back in. Do a knee push up instead of the advanced version, then step on a chair or bench to get to the pull up bar instead of jumping up.

Captain America

Steve Rogers is always on his feet running after the villains and jumping over cars and other obstacles. His shield may seem light for him but for mortals like us, that might feel five or more times heavier. Doing these moves consistently will build your strength and agility like Captain America.

Knee Jumps to Box jumps

The beginning of the video shows how to prep for the knee jump exercise. I suggest you follow it but end at the Knee Jump part if you are new at this. Progress to following the latter part of the workout video when you feel you are ready or you can already do 10 to 12 knee jumps in one session.

Ball Throws

If a Slam ball is too heavy for you, you may opt for a weighted medicine ball or a basketball. The trick to perfecting the exercise is to use your core or torso to throw the ball to the wall. Your arms just follow the movement.

Wonder Woman

The modern Diana Prince, the Amazon princess, is supposed to be the most powerful female DC superhero who’s got strength, agility, and speed as her skills. The exercises in these videos are mostly push and pull exercises to complement Wonder Woman’s sword-fighting abilities and upper body strength.

Sled Exercises

If you do not have a weighted sled, follow the Kettlebell, sandbag, and box exercise versions in the video. But you can still do all the exercises in it using heavy kettlebells to replace the sled.

Landmine Exercise – Barbell Oblique Twist

There are lightweight bars that can be bought in sports shops. If you cannot get one, you can switch the exercises to bodyweight, dumbbell, or kettlebell exercises.


This Demi-god does not go anywhere without his hammer ‘Mjolnir’ and obviously has the strength of the whole Universe. So that you are somewhat ‘worthy to hold Thor’s hammer’, follow these two exercises and do them regularly to reap the benefits in no time.

Isometric Kettlebell Shoulder Press

This exercise is quite advanced but you can modify by using a dumbbell or, if you are doing a home workout, a volleyball or basketball (or any ball of the same size). For the latter, grip the ball tightly and try to hold it high up while pressing your shoulders down away from your ears.

Hammer tire strikes

This exercise will not only condition your body (core, shoulders, arms) for the weight of the hammer but also to handle the impact when the hammer strikes the tire.

Exercising like a Superhero may not be the easiest workout, but the creative yet safe and effective exercises provide you with variety to keep you from getting bored of your program. Also, having fun while working out may just be the key to keeping you staying fit longer.

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