Apple adds Female Athlete Emojis into iOS 10



Apple adds Female Athlete Emojis into iOS 10

One reason for female athletes to update to iOS 10? The Emojis.

The recent Apple iOS 10 update brings more gender options to the existing emoji characters, enabling users to choose from both male and female for swim, bike, run, weightlifting and more.

Until recently, women emoji in sport was practically nonexistent, and with the recent update, Apple aims that the new set of sports and fitness emoji can better represent their user population.

Back in 2007, reports indicates that in endurance sports like running, only a fraction of the participants are women, but now based on our internal data, male and female participation are now split in half. This growing participation of the female population might have been the trigger for companies like Apple to include more diverse emojis into the system, and it’s about time.

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