Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run – Thank You Runners!


Kasama-RunPhoto By: Diwata ng Bicolandia

Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run – Thank You Runners!

Despite the continuous heavy downpour the last few days, what happened last Sunday was close to a miracle. The rain stopped early evening until morning just enough to get most of the runners safely to the venue, and rained just enough for everyone to experience how it is to run in the rain.

We experienced a lot of technical difficulties because of the weather, we need to shut down power temporarily at the venue area to avoid shorting the circuits and due to a slight mis-understanding our team forgot to bring the additional SUB1 medals (Apologies to all the SUB1 10K Runners)

But we are still really thankful to everyone who joined, supported and kept a very positive attitude during the event!

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What’s best is that because of the race, we were able to raise funds to donate as well as give support to both MCares by MICHAELA and Chosen Children Village Foundation which we’ve been supporting over the last 3 years with our races.

Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run also marks our 7th year anniversary, Yes, 7 years na po tayong mag kakasama, online and offline during races.


Most importantly we also want to thank all our sponsors, Michaela as our co-presentor, SOLEUS as our official timer, Skechers Performance as our official footwear, Light Water, Vitamin Boost and 100 PLUS, Fitbar, WALKER Philippines, Hi-Precision Diagnostics as our official Health Partner, Nestle KIMY, 360 Fitness Club as our official Gym Partner, Solar Sports, Nyxsys, RUNNR and Toby’s as our official registration partner, Goorahna as our online registration partner, Blue Bay Walk as our Venue Partner and of course Pep Squad Events as our race partner.

Once again, I would like to apologize to all the SUB1 runners during the race, rest assured we have electronically tracked your time and we’re releasing the official SUB1 qualifiers in the next few days, we are also enabling several pick-up points on where you can claim for well deserved medals. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  1. It was great but instead of saying “good morning runners”, your marshals should have said “good morning swimmers” ! It was so rainy at 6-8KM we could swim down the street !


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