4 Alternative Workouts for Injured Runners


Workouts For Injured Runners

4 Alternative Workouts for Injured Runners

Injured? These workouts will still keep you fit. If you’re suffering from running injuries, relax. You can still maintain your current fitness level while reducing the impact of running to your body with these activities.


Why it’s good for injured runners: Aside from developing power muscles like quads, glutes, and calves cycling lets you have a high-intensity workout without the effects of running. It reduces stress on the joints, risk of injury, and fatigue from running for too long. And the good news is you can do this indoors, thanks to bike trainers and spinning classes.

Tip: 6 kilometers of cycling is roughly equivalent to 1.5 kilometers of running, so ride according to the running distance you want to cover.

Aqua Jogging

Why it’s good for injured runners: Aqua jogging is safe for almost any type of injury. Plus, because aqua jogging simulates actual running movements, it helps keep running-specific muscles active. For maximum effect, remember to keep your upper body straight and not lean your body forward too much.

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Tip: The pool should be deep enough so you can run without touching the bottom (not touching the bottom is a must). Wear an aqua jogging belt or vest if you’re doing it for the first time. (Watch Video Here)


Why it’s good for injured runners: Swimming increases endurance and oxygen capacity, while giving your legs a break. It also introduces new movements that strengthen many muscle groups.

Tip: Swimming in a pool with a temperature of 26 degrees or less immediately relieves sore muscles.


Why it’s good for injured runners: Yoga engages both major and minor muscle groups. It improves strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and mental focus.

Tip: Holding a pose for more than 72 seconds restores and rebuilds connective tissues in the body faster. Also, it’s best to do yoga even before you suffer from any injury. It helps identify weak spots that need to be taken care of so the injury can be avoided.



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