Will you join a Pokémon Go Run?


Pokemon Run Poster

Since Pokemon Go is so popular nowadays, if we decide to create a Pokemon Go Run, would you join?

Pokemon Run Singlet:
Pokemon Run singlet

This is going to be our singlet design for the race.

Pokemon Run Finisher Shirt:
Pokemon Run shirt

Support us by joining our Events

Ofcourse every runner of the race will get a Pokemon Go Finisher shirt!

Pokemon Run Medal:
Pokemon Run MEDAL

Also an exclusive Pokemon Medal

Race Route:
Pokemon Run Map

You can also try to catch some of your favorite Pokemon characters along the race route :D

Disclaimer: Not a real race, it’s just fun to see how a race concept can be created around the most popular mobile game today.

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  1. Kala ko totoo n excited p naman ako…I push n yan PF.!!😉😉😉 Maganda ung concept pati ung medal bigyan na ng date yan!!

  2. Maganda to.. Ok siguro kung yung route eh yung mga may pokestop :) tas yung pinakamababa na race category ay 2k para sakto sa hatch ng 2k egg :)


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