Getting Those Muscles Race Ready with Polarity Physiotherapy Center



Getting Those Muscles Race Ready with Polarity Physiotherapy Center

We experience a lot of highs when you adopt a fitter lifestyle. We improve our general well-being. We get to boost our confidence and self esteem. We get to expand our social network. A big part of being a progressive athlete is also taking in the lows of it. We miss our goals. We get distracted. We also get injured. Injuries do happen and it’s a normal part of the process. As we progress, our muscles get to accumulate ‘wear and tear’ and reach a point of failure.

At times, we don’t give our body enough time to heal. Recovery is also part of the process. An injury is the body’s way of telling you it needs help. The good news is that there’s a solution for each injury and a lot of them can be treated by Physical Therapy.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center specializes on Physical Therapy and Functional Training. Physical Therapy includes Myofascial Release (MFR), manual physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation and corrective exercises. Functional training is more goals based like strength training, weight loss and others.

Photo 1 Pre treatment consultation


Each session starts with a consultation with the Physical Therapist so they can pinpoint the area they need to work on. They have 5 licensed physical therapists with adequate education and training. My assigned Physical Therapist was Debbie. During the consult, they get your history as well as problem areas you want to be treated. In my case, I had recurring problem on my left leg because of shin splints. It’s always a struggle for me to start fast as I need to properly warm up and do stretches just to avoid that pain on the shin.

Photo 2 Instruments used for soft tissue mobilization

After the consult, we then headed to treatment. The difference of Polarity is that they use manual therapy and some instrument to mobilize tightness on the muscles and tissues. They spend the whole session focusing on the problem area so it would loosen up the tightness. By focusing on a specific area, they get faster results.

Photo 3 Treatment Room

Debbie starts by assessing the mobility of each leg and she did notice that my right leg was more mobile than my left leg. The key would be to make both legs with the same level of mobility.

Photo 4 Improving the mobility in my shin area

Debbie then uses instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization focusing on my shin to try to break down the accumulated stiffness in the tissues and the muscles. Once its been broken down, she does a Myofascia Release. It is a deep tissue massage, to further remove the tightness in the muscles. She also did the same procedure on my left calf muscles. After both procedures, the left leg felt so light as the tightness was gone. It really helped me run smoothly the next day on my race.

Photo 5 post treatment run

The session was also an interactive one. I got a better understanding of my running habits as compared to my foot structure and how it causes injury. Of course, releasing tight muscles is not a pain-free task. It gets painful especially if you have accumulated so much tightness. The deep tissue massage really unclogs the build up on your muscles and tissues. You’ll feel the pain during the procedure but you’ll definitely feel the relief after the treatment.

Photo 6 Myofascial Release on my shin area

During the next session, I had the same procedure but Debbie included my right calf muscles so both of my legs would feel light. It turned out I also had tightness with my right calf muscles. I tend to overcompensate with my right when I run, especially when I am having pains on my left shin. This adds more load and tightness to my right calf muscles. After the session, both of my legs are so light. Imagine, running with weights and that’s how you run when your muscles are tight. Take the weights away and that’s how you run after a physical therapy session. Once the tightness is reduced, you become more mobile and perform better.

Photo 7 improving mobility in my calf area

You’ll enjoy your fitness journey more, if your muscles are in tip-top shape. Polarity also offers functional training. They have gym facilities and equipments to help you on your goals, whether it’s strengthening a weak spot, rehabbing an injury, conditioning or even weight loss. They also incorporate some corrective exercise as part of their physical therapy sessions as needed.

Photo 8 Core Strengthening Session

Functional training can also aid you in your athletic goals. They have several athletes as part of their clientele. It can also help prevent injury since it prepares your body for the stress of your fitness activity.

Photo 9 upper body strengthening session1

Polarity can be a partner in keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle. Regular Physical Therapy is needed to help the body recover faster and prevent further injury. Functional Training can really focus on your problem needs to keep you strong in chasing your goals and also reduces possibility of injuries. It’s designed to enhance your health through Physiotherapy.

Photo 10 Functional Training Area

Polarity has also a very relaxing ambiance and have facilities for functional training, rehab and weight training. It’s spacious and has a VIP room complete with Television and Comfort Room aside from their regular rooms. You’ll also see a lot of fine photographs displayed in the area since the owner is a photography enthusiast. The photos are also available for sale.

photo 11 photography

Polarity Physiotherapy Center is located at #47 Examiner Street, Brgy West Triangle, Quezon City, 1104. You can book your Physical Therapy sessions by calling their landline (02) 799 2700 or their mobile numbers 0977-692-1380 and 0943-658-4890. You can also email them at [email protected]. They are open from 9 AM to 8 PM, Mondays to Saturdays.

The rate for their session is P1,500 per session for Physical Therapy and P1,200 for Functional Training.

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