Daytrip Surfing in Liwa Zambales



Quickie Surfing Daytrip in Liwa Zambales

It was just one of those unplanned days when old friends just suddenly decide to hop on a car and drive to Zambales for a Surfing Daytrip.

We used to surf lot, but when I started to take up running 7 years ago, my weekends are normally set for races, manning the Pinoy Fitness booth or just simply training, surfing then became just a once or twice a year thing.

Last time I surfed in Zambales was back in 2009, so this trip was full of flashbacks and memories, and the best thing is, i’m with the same friends I first surfed with 10 years ago.

I was a bit nervous at first knowing I haven’t been surfing for over a year now, but I guess surfing is like riding a bike, once learned it is difficult to forget.

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I did notice something, after years of running, strength and conditioning and triathlon, surfing actually became a bit easier.

Here are my thoughts:
1. Running and Cardio improved my endurance and helped me paddle further and longer without exhausting myself compared to 10 years ago.
2. Swimming improved my paddling technique, allowing me to put on more power per stroke to assist me in capturing the wave.
3. Strength and Conditioning exercises helped improve my core and balance to better control the surfboard.

Fitness really enabled me to enjoy more the simple pleasures of life.

But all in all, I’m just happy and totally stoked to have just been able to get on my surfboard and catch some wave.

Here’s a short video or our trip! Enjoy!

Till the next one!

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