3 Things I Did That Got Me To Tie My Shoelaces and Run Again



3 Things I Did That Got Me To Tie My Shoelaces and Run Again

by: Jema Ng

While majority are head over heels for running, I am in a love-hate relationship with it. I joined Nike We Run Manila 2015 and that was it. I did not run at all after that night run. Yup, zero mileage. My legs gave up. My mind gave up. I gave up. Nobody, nothing could make me run again. I instead dipped my feet in a couple of different workouts.

I thought that was it, I thought I was done with running; But I was wrong, at the back of my mind, I knew in my heart I still want to. I still want to feel the warm breeze brush against my cheeks as I place my right foot in front of my left. I still want to feel the runner’s high, the adrenaline rush. I still want to run. I guess once you are a runner, you’ll always be a runner.

So after almost 1 year hiatus, last March I decided to ease my way back into running regularly again. These are the 3 things I did that got me to tie my shoelaces and run again:


1. Take your Time

Running is just like love; it takes time. Ease into it. Run at a pace you’re most comfortable with. Fall in love with running again and everything else — speed, agility, endurance, among others—will surely follow.

2. Join a Run Club – Nike Run Club Sessions

Nike Run Club organizes weekly night runs held every Tuesdays and Thursdays. These sessions have baggage check-ins, veeeeery friendly pacers for 3k, 5k, or 10k, with different paces to choose from, hydration, pre and post run stretching! Did I mention it’s FREE?

3. Join a Race – Nike All Women 21K Half-Marathon

Once you’ve gotten the hang of running again, it’s time to train for a race. 10km in 4 weeks? How about 21km in 8? One of my good friends, Relly, has once again succeeded in urging me to race. Training for a race gives you that added push.

I find it poetic to make my comeback race thru the same race I last joined: Nike. This year, Nike made it bigger and better by introducing Nike Women’s International Half Marathon. For a newbie (again) like me, it helped that Nike provided a 12 week training program, and the NRC sessions held twice weekly. The training program helped me maximize my efforts on race day through a variety of training that included Speed, Endurance, and Recovery.

On race day, I found myself in Blue Bay standing before the starting line together with 4000 female participants. I’m not sure if these women felt excited, nervous, or both. My buddy Carissa and I sure did feel nervous as hell. Just like me, she had been on hiatus and Nike is her comeback race. Our goal was simple: to finish. By 4:30am, the runners were sent off in batches. As we crossed the starting line, I ran very conservatively and did my run-walk intervals.

Everything was going smoothly until my 16th kilometer. I could feel the heat piercing through my body, my legs starting to wobble. Lakas maka-laspag ng init! It was a good thing that hydration, bananas, and sponges dipped in ice cold water (THE BEST THING EVER!) were a plenty! NRC pacers were also there, all smiles cheering the runners passing them. Ahhh, to be surrounded by energetic, enthusiastic people!


I looked at my RoadID and read my favorite motto: Never Give Up. So I never gave up. I talked, heck I BEGGED myself to keep running. I entertained myself watching the planes fly so low. The standees with motivational quotes put up by Nike also pushed the runners to give their all.



Sun was already way up high when I crossed the finish line in Island Cove. I did it! Another 21k in the bag baby! Just when I thought I’d never race again, I surprised myself by finishing a half marathon! I rewarded myself with the best thing I know: a hearty brekky!


Thank you Nike friends and Pinoy Fitness for paving the way to my comeback run! How about you? Do you want to run again but can’t seem to find your mojo? Try the 3 tips above and hopefully we’ll meet on the road. =)

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