Halsema Highway to Highest Point Bike Ride



Halsema Highway to Highest Point Bike Ride

After a few weeks of deliberation, me and my friends (Age and Erwin) finally decided to spend our 2016 Holy Week in Baguio, but this year we decided to bring our bikes along for the trip.

Since 2014, my friends and I have been wanting to try the Fondo Manila Baguio bike route, it’s about 75KM with an elevation gain of around 1,200m along Halsema Highway to reach the highest point of the Philippine Highway system.


For this ride, since we have to be back to meet our friends for lunch, we decided to plot a shorter route instead of the full 75K. We started at a nice sari-sari store along the highway around 26KM to the highest point, and a total of 52KM (out and back) ride.


The first 26KM was really painful, unli-uphill and we are moving really slow, but moving slowly does have its benefits.




It enabled us to appreciate the magnificent view of the Mountain Province, the road links Baguio and Benguet and it also leads to Sagada. Generally, the roads are smooth and perfect for both road and mountain bikes.



It took us around 2 hours to reach the highest point, and roughly half the time to return to the starting point, and this is so far one of the best downhill ride I ever had in years, not too steep and friendly turns all the way, careful of the traffic though.

Next time we’re planning if we can ride all the way to Sagada, but that’s a different story.

Special mention to Jema and Pao for coming along to support #saglife

Have you tried the route? Share your experience below!

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