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First let me tell you, I’m not a fan roller-coasters! So when I found out that Sky Diving was part of the itinerary for our Guam Tour I immediately have that queasy roller coaster feeling up my stomach.

I immediately did a lot of research, Googling everything I can about Sky Diving, then I encountered an this article, it explains how Sky Diving is totally DIFFERENT from a roller-coasting feeling… It gave me hope.


We arrived at Guam on Wednesday, the Jump is going to happen on Friday Morning, so we enjoyed the sights and experienced the food and local culture for the first few days, but secretly at the back of my mind, i’m still deciding if i’m jumping or not.

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Waiver Signing (Victor, Chuckie and Me)

We look pretty confident no?


No Turning back now!

The JUMP (Video)

The Experience

Jefferson Lo 0163

The Plane Ride – At this point, I already accepted the fact that there’s no turning back, the only way to get back to the ground is to actually do the jump. Part of me is starting to get really excited, yet part of me is still afraid. One thing that helped me got through it was actually seeing and hearing how calm our tandem instructors are! While flying up, some of them are actually just casually talking about fixing their car and what they had for breakfast :D haha. Makes you really confident that they really know what they are doing.

Jefferson Lo 0191

The First 5-10 Seconds – Did you see how quickly they threw us out of the plane? No time for thinking, and I think that’s the best way as well. The moment the Instructors mentioned that it’s time to jump, my mind practically went blank! Almost peaceful, all worries and problems became irrelevant and just totally focused on the jump.

The moment you dropped out of the plane, everything starts spinning, then the air catches you and you start to stabilize, once I opened my arms, I realized that there is indeed no queasy roller coaster feeling! And wait a minute! This is FUN!! (Actually you only have seconds to process all this)

Then I immediately remembered the reminders from the orientation… Always remember… 1. Open your Eyes and 2. SMILE!


The Free Fall – It’s hard to explain, but for 15 to 20 seconds you experience the sensation of ZOOMING towards the earth with the wind against your face and entire body, they say you fall at around 180KPH, with a feeling of being totally free and just dropping (falling), it’s a totally different (yet fun) experience, then the parachute opens.

Jefferson Lo 0239

Flying under the Parachute – When the parachute finally opens and stops your fall, I felt a moment of dizziness, based on our orientation, they mentioned this and one way to counteract it was not to look down but look at the horizon instead, it worked!

After that, it’s a smooth ride where you can enjoy the scenery, a nice view of Guam from above, lots of greens and an amazing view of the shoreline. My tandem instructor also gave me a chance to control the parachute, tagging it left and right allows you to rotate and navigate, depending on how hard you pull it gives you that “roller-coaster” feeling, it’s a good experience, but for me, not too enjoyable (haha).

Other than that, it’s a nice and relaxing ride down to the landing area… I don’t have a watch, but the entire jump only took around 10-15 minutes, but the experience is priceless.


After our Jump! #BoysGuamOut


With our Tandem Instructors


With Carmel Carpio, the person responsible for our jump :p

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine myself doing this jump, though I always wondered what falling would feel like, I never thought I’d actually experience it.

In the end, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to experience this! Thank you Sky Dive Guam for taking care of us, Guam Visitors Bureau and specially to Carmel Carpio for this once in a lifetime experience.

How about you? Will you try it? Share your comments below!

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