Battle of The Bars – November 29, 2015



Spartans!!!! The 1st EVER Battle of the Bars competition will be held this November 29 at the SPARTA Calisthenics Academy, 126 Pioneer St., 1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines.

GOT MOVES? Witness the wildest aerial moves showcase AND the longest endurance battles ever! All Spartans can join various battles including longest deadhang, longest plank, longest wall squat and most number of pullups and chin ups. ALL this will be featured on Solar Sports so make sure you train like a Spartan!

ALL those who claim GLORY will receive prizes from 2XU and Chris Sports!!! Special limited edition prizes will also be given away so make your presence known on that day!!!!

At the conclusion of Battle,WE FEAST. Food Market starts at 4pm. Banquet selection by JJ Yulo himself!


Of course, a FEAST is never complete without music. Expect energy-packed performances from Mayonnaise, Bratpack, Hansom, Cygnet, Tonight We Sleep, Jensen and the Flips.

Please share the event with ALL FELLOW SPARTANS and Heed the call for GLORY!!!!!!! AWOOOOO!!!!!!

Battle of The Bars
November 29, 2015
SPARTA Calisthenics Academy

Program Flow:
12:30pm REGISTRATION and Warm-up
1:30-2:00pm Introduction and Opening Remarks
2:00-2:30pm Start of 1st Battle (Tricks)
2:30-3:00pm 2nd Battle (Plank Hold)
3:00-3:30pm 3rd Battle (Dips)
3:30- 4:00pm 4th Battle (Dead hang)
4:00-4:30pm 5th Battle (SPECIAL)
4:30-5pm 6th Battle (Pull-up & Muscle-up)
5:00-5:30pm 7th Battle (ALL-OUT TRICK BATTLE)
11pm Pack-up

Signups and registration are on the day itself!!

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Battle Of The Bars FB Event Page

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