7 Tips on How to Look Great in your Race Photos


Awkward arms and legs, weird facial expressions, and looking very “laspag”. After seeing so many unflattering race photos being posted on Facebook, enough is enough. It’s about time you take control and master a few tricks on how to look calm, poised, and relaxed in all your race photos!

How to Look Great in your Race Photos

1. Know where the Photographers Are

Knowledge is power. Be on the lookout for the locations of the race photographers so you will never be caught off guard. Once you see them pointing their lenses at you, strike a pose and give them a great shot.

Community and Volunteer photographers normally wear their respective uniforms, try to spot them and strike a pose.



2. Tame your Hair

Windblown hair all over your face can be very unflattering. Wear a cute cap over your ponytail or if you have super long locks, braid it before a race to give your look more attitude! P.S. If you have a tendency to squint your eyes due to the sun, wear a pair of shades as well.

Need a quick braid? Check out our friends from House of Blow Dry


3. Stomach in, Shoulders back, Chin out

Mastering a good running form not only makes you a better runner, it also helps you look great in pictures. Keep your shoulders back and your arms at 90 degree angles. Look ahead, and not at your watch or your feet.


4. Don’t Forget to Smile!

Sure, you may want to have your game face, serious racer look on, but the truth is everyone looks better when they’re smiling. Even when you feel that your legs are about to buckle or you’re seriously tired, flash that smile for the photographers to capture.


5. Work on your Finish Line Shot

Whether it’s raising your hands up high, flashing a thumbs-up sign, doing a handstand, or just a fist pump, practice a few finish line poses and choose what you like best. Make sure they’re Instagram and profile picture-ready!

Here are some Finish-Line Poses to inspire you: Top 8 Finish Line Poses at Tri United 4


6. Wear something Bright

Reality is, photographers can’t capture everyone, especially in large races. Try to wear something bright on race day, like our Pinoy Fitness Neon Green Shirt, this can significantly increase your chances of getting a great race photo.

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7. Get your Training and Nutrition Right

At the end of the day, the secret to looking awesome in your race pics is to put in the right amount of training, and to stay properly nourished and hydrated before and during race day. A gorgeous finisher is a strong finisher.


  1. Andrea Castro-Santos, our TBR Star! RT Hernandez, Hanna Aisa Bedaña Bueña, Bianca Avedillo, Stephanie Pelle, Lyn de Leon

  2. Hahahahaha!!! This is so for me! Wala pa kong maayos na candid pose!!! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  3. naalala ko tuloy nung mag cover ako sa Sagada Marathon 2014..nasa finish line ako tapos may nag pose ng ganyan tinaas ang mga kamay, pag kuha ko sa kanya puro libag kilikili :D :D..inedit ko muna bago ko pinost pero nasa akin pa rin ang raw file :D gusto nyong makita? wag nalng.. :) isa syang female celebrity :P

  4. After that first really bad photo of me (haggard and seemed to be in dire need of nutrition) during my first ever race, in the succeeding races, I reminded myself to be always on the lookout for photographers and smile my cutest smile if I see them pointing the camera at me. :)


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