LetsRun.com Offers $100,000 Reward to Viral Boston Marathon Dad



If Mike Rossi matches his marathon time in VIA Marathon, LetsRun.com will give him $100,000.

Last September 7, 2015 Mike Rossi qualified for Boston Marathon with a time of 3:11:34 at the Via Marathon in Allentown, Pennsylvania. However his qualifying time was found to be inconsistent with all of his other publicly available results.

This news quickly became viral and Mike Rossi is now known as the ‘Viral Boston Marathon Dad’, eventhough Rossi didn’t appear in any photos along the race route, officials of the Via Marathon announced that they would not disqualify him, unless new evidence becomes available.

So LetsRun.com took action and published this challenge to Mike Rossi.


“We will pay him $100,000 if he runs 3:11:45 on a legitimate records-eligible course in the next 12 months where we have advanced notice of his participation ($10,000 per year for 10 years).” or “We know it’s possible he’ll say he is injured and doesn’t have the time/motivation to train for the marathon. So we’ll also give him $10,000 if by the end of 2015 if he breaks 70:00 in a standard 10-mile course or 20:00 for 5k.” – via LetsRun.com

Cheating or “Short-Cut” has always been an issue in Marathon or Ultra-Marathon races, even here in the Philippines, but we have to take our hats off and commend the courage of LetsRun.com in creating a creative way to challenge the person in question.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Mike would take the challenge?

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  1. If he is a real cheater then he will never take the challenge. He’s afraid of the fact that he can’t really run and finish the route in a legit way.


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