Cray and Richardson wins 100m dash for Philippines in 2015 SEA Games


Eric Shauwn Cray of the Philippines celebrates after winning the men's 100-meter final at the SEA Games in Singapore Tuesday, June 9, 2015. (AP Photo/Joseph Nair)
Photo by Yahoo News

26 Year old Eric Shauwn Cray won the 100m Dash at the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore becoming the first Filipino to win in this competition since 1975. Cray also won by personal best with a time of 10.25 seconds bringing home another gold for Team Pilipinas

Kayla Anise Richardson of the Philippines celebrates her win in the women's 100-meter final at the SEA Games in Singapore Tuesday, June 9, 2015.(AP Photo/Joseph Nair)
Photo by Yahoo News

Teammate Kayla Richardson started off the Women’s 100m dash a bit slow but was able to finish strong with a time of 11.76 grabbing first place and becoming the youngest 100m dash champion in SEA Games History!

This is another Proud Moment for the Philippines! Mabuhay at Saludo kami sa inyo!

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  1. Why? The philippine flag in their uniform is upside down? Are we looking for war? Who made this? Wla ba nakapansin bago nila pinasuot? P-noy anyare?

  2. i’m a pinoy patriot but ….paki explain nga po pano tayo nanalo sa shot na ito. pinas is wearing yellow shoes. white shoes po unang naka cross. left leg ng pinoy asa tapat pa lng ng butt nya. do we really deserve it. please explain. tanx.

  3. the photo shots does not care who the runner is. it just identify what lane crossed the finish line first then automatically point on who was assigned to it. . no human intervention. . . .it happens to be on that line is assigned to Kyla. . look on the other angle on the first video

  4. I think it’s based on the first part of the body (torso/trunk) that crosses the finish line. Not the shoe/feet or head. Kaya ung iba nagdidive bago mag finish line.

  5. IBig sabihin kaya nila binaliktad talagang matindi ang Laban gyera or war as SEAGAMES lalaban sila manalo matalo

  6. War -1 a state or period of fighting between countries or groups
    -2 a situation in which people or groups compete with or fight against each other.
    Ang tanong: Ano bang ginagawa nila?

  7. wow nkktaba ng puso kht tila npbyaan ng gobyrno ntn ang mga atletang pinoy tila purcgedo prn gnyn tlga ang tatak pinoy mabuahay

  8. congratulations kabayan,mabuhay ka,sana mapansin ng gobyerno ang kabayanihan nyo at bigyan man lang kayo kahit konting pabuya dahil sa pagbibigay nyo ng karangalan sa ating bansa..job well done…

  9. I played this video like forever pero yung paa ng katabi nya ang palace kong nakikitang unang tumapak eh. She even bowed making her, I think, the real winner in this event.

  10. Yo vi un empate, incluso ligera ventaja para la chica de rojo y blanco. Recordemos que es la cabeza lo que decide al ganador…

  11. Congrats po to all athletes of the philippines team fought in the SEA game specially to you Kayla Richardson won the Gold Medal in 100m dash. GO GO GO PHILIPPINES Godbless you.

  12. Pinapakita lang nyan na walang suporta ang gobyerno sa atletang pinoy kaya tama lang nakabaliktad ang kulay ng bandila

  13. bakit ba natapat na naggagayat ako ng sibuyas nang makita ko ang facial expression ng dalawa kong kababayan na mga Pilipina….. nang makita nila ang nanalo sa 100 meter dash na ito……


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