5 Things I learned from my Food Intolerance Test (FIT)



There will always be some foods that when I consume triggers my acid re-flux, or makes me feel bloated or uncomfortable. There was a time I completely stopped drinking coffee because I thought it’s a causing some kind of allergic reaction to my body. I was never sure, it’s always trial and error.

So when Hi-Precision Diagnostics informed me that they have this new technology that measures food intolerance, I was immediately curious and eager to have myself tested! FoodPrinta Food Intolerance Test measures immunoglobulin antibody count for specific foods (high-tech stuff); the numbers provided are actual antibody counts, the higher the number, the higher your intolerance level.

As advised, repeated and continuous digestion of intolerant food groups causes inflammatory reaction in intestines causing incomplete absorption of nutrients, it also activates the immune system (much I allergies I suppose) leading to lesions manifested in skin and chronic inflammation in other tissues such as your joints and organs.

So after receiving the FoodPrint result, here are the things I learned:


#1: It’s NOT Coffee!
Apparently based on the result, I’m completely tolerant to coffee! It’s most probably the MILK! Based on the FoodPrint, TOP 2 intolerant foods are CASEIN and MILK (Cow). CASEIN according to Wikipedia are proteins commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk.

I’ve been a Milk drinker all my life, I never really expected that milk is going to be a prime suspect. This means I need to lessen dairy intake, and switch from milk to soy. Will try this out and see the effects in a few weeks.


#2: Egg White and Wheat are NOT GOOD (for me)
My general understanding for eggs is, Yellow BAD, White GOOD. So I eat mostly the white, I’ve been educated that it’s a good source of protein. But I guess after the FoodPrint, Egg Whites I can now clearly say that the whites are not always GOOD for everyone.

Same goes for Wheat! Wheat based products are normally advertised as a better option to white bread, I guess it’s not good for everyone too. Now I know! Glad to know that RICE is all GREEN!


#3: Fruits are generally OK, except for Orange and Cranberry
Wait, What? Orange? Isn’t that supposed to be good for everyone? Oh wait, I guess not. Time to stick to Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Peach and Pear.


#4: Meat all you can!
I’m a self proclaimed carnivore, I love everything meat! So this made my day. Thank you!


#5: I’m allergic to Beer!
I finally have PROOF why I can’t drink a lot. That I’m intolerant to Brewer’s Yeast the essential ingredient in beer-making.

This FoodPrint result basically changed my perspective on how I see food and on what I eat everyday, I’m planning to do some small adjustments to my diet, specifically, eliminate dairy and milk, then observe the result.


For those who are wondering how the test is conducted, it’s simple, just a small finger prick to draw some blood into a small vial. That’s it! Results arrive in 2 weeks.


For those interested, the Food Intolerance Test costs P15,000 and is available in all Hi-Precision Diagnostic Centers.

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  1. Is HP’s food intolerance test different from food allergy test? My baby had suspected cow’s milk protein allergy and multiple food allergies? Our allergologist recommends blood test in St Luke’s or Medical City, but their rates are so high!


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