6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Runner


Reasons Why Runners Make Good Employees

They say that, you apply in your day to day life all the lessons you learn in running. Here’s why runners make good employees.

1. Runners are Goal Oriented.

– And they set SMART goals. Running, specially training for marathon or half-marathon means they start training and building their mileage as early as four months before race day. A runner does not cram; instead a runner learns how to sets realistic timelines so he/she can reach his/her goals. Don’t expect him/her submitting a last-minute, crappy report because it won’t happen.

2. Runners are Disciplined.

– Sure there are days when runners don’t feel like hitting the pavements because a) it’s too hot outside, b) it’s drizzling, c) there’s not enough time to run, etc; but runners still tie their shoelaces and run their asses off. Runners do what they know needs to be done even if they don’t want to do it. That’s discipline. At work, don’t be surprised if he/she gets perfect attendance, or he/she is never never late. That’s just how runners roll.

3. Runners breathe Commitment.

– Runners run not only when it is convenient. They make time, they find ways to squeeze in a quick thirty minute run in their already busy day. If he/she committed that the presentation will be finished in two hours, it will be, no matter what the circumstances are.


4. Runners are Passionate.

– Ask a runner about running shoes and trust me, he/she can go all day long to discuss to you the difference between stability and neutral. Ask a runner about gels and hydration and he/she will be able to break down their components. Hahaha! Maybe not, but you get the idea. Runners really put their hearts in whatever situations they are in.

5. Runners are Endorphanatic.

– Nobody wants to hang out with people who exude negative vibes. Runners are almost always full of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. If I were to choose a cubicle in my office, I’d definitely choose the one next to a runner!

6. Runners are healthy

– Runners run 2-3 times a week, some perhaps more, most go early to bed and early to rise to complete a morning workout, weekends are usually running with friends and skipping the late night gimmicks altogether, this means that runners are generally in good health and are in tip top shape to perform their jobs.

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