7-Eleven Run 1500 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all the finishers of the 7-Eleven Run 1500 at the SKYWAY! So glad the weather was good! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth and to all members who supported us during the event! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

7-Eleven Run 1500
March 15, 2015
SKYWAY, Filinvest

Race Results:
7-Eleven RUN 1500 Race Results (Still Pending)


Photo Links:
7-Eleven Run 1500 Photos c/o Pinoy Fitness – Facebook Page

7-Eleven Run 1500 Hi-Res Photos c/o ActiveMoments – Click Here

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Community Photos:
7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

7-Eleven Run 1500

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  1. for me this is so disorganized event they not delivered the racekit on time, and ang konti ng hydration buong run ko madaanan ko ng hydration laging ubos nax uhaw talaga ang abot mo and the freebies kumonte ang pamigay unlike lastyear…and ofcourse the FS they are all the same size hindi man lang magagamit ng female sa sobrang laki…

  2. 42k runner here. Running the Skyway is an immense challenge. There’s just enough hydration along the way, very grateful I brought my own.

    However, felt a bit let down for the welcome fanfare for the long distance runners, 21k and 42k alike. And, compared to 7-eleven runs in the past, the loot in the loot bag, if you could call it that, was a bit austere. The biggest disappointment being the cotton finishers’ shirt.

    But, still, kudos to 7-eleven for giving me the rare chance to experience, once more, running the Skyway. Cheers.

  3. I agree with shaider and nnn. 42K runners should be given some premium considering the higher registration price and the level of difficulty to finish. I understand the need to be efficient but a generic cotton T-shirt?

    7-11 you could do better.

    An honest to goodness exclusive 42K FINISHER shirt would have been cool. I don’t wear the medal everyday but a Marathon FINISHER shirt I sometimes wear after training kse ASTIG. :) now I have a Finisher shirt of a 5K runner. grin….

    i It would have been easy for you to get another supplier and sponsor that exclusively. Or you could have simply added 100 pesos to the cost. CHECK OUT THE FINISHER SHIRT OF CONDURA. Maybe you can learn a tip or 2 on quality and design.

    Overall the race route was well managed and well lighted. Can’t complain.

    More power 7-11. Until next year.

    • and besides, 42km runners were less than 400.. they could’ve provide a great FS considering the numbers of 42km as compared to lower categories. The loot bag (its just bag and cotton shirt) was…. i cant really explain my disappointment. When we arrived, all the sponsor’s tent were all lined up by lower categories. We just ran 42km, and siguro, were entitled to rest. I really wished they give more importance to 42km runners…

  4. Pls upload all photos of the 7-11 run 1500 un man lang po malaking pampalubag loob na yun saming mga runners mejo dismayado po talaga kami lalo na sa FS na manipis na nga at walang cathegory kung anung tinapos ng runner e cotton pa parang bili sa divisoria po next time po sana mas ok na ang lahat, salamat po..

  5. Results are not accurate. Two minutes was added to my time as well as to that of my companion. The gender for all runners in our category is the same. Also, there was also only a one-second difference between my chip time and gun time when I was not even in front. The results should be corrected.

    • They already corrected the time, but not the gender. I am just wondering why there are runners from other categories/distances that were included in the list. Anyway, thanks for tge corrections.

  6. wahh akala ko di lang nag syncronized un watch ko sa time nila yun pala marami din nadagdagan ng 2minute sa time bat kaya ganun.

  7. Same here. More than three minutes pa ang difference. Ang time ko sa Runtastic Pro app ay 1:35:41, to think na na-stop yung time niya a few feet after I passed the finished line pa. Pero sa official results naging 1:38:44. Madaya.

    • the next day (3-20-2015) the official time for my run is changed to 1:37:00, and my rank fell from 73 to 74 in the 16K first wave. what is happening?

  8. I am a 21K runner during this event. I finished early and had to wait for my 10k runner wife and friends so to pass the time, I took pictures in the finish line. Took pictures from 5:42AM to 6:45AM.

    Madaming kumukuha ng pictures pero pinoyfitness, takbo.ph, and active moments pa lang ang nakikita kong nagpopost. La pa update sa organizers.

    Hope you find your pictures here on my photography page: E-Chronicler Photography


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