Beginners’ Costume Fun Triathlon – March 7, 2015



Do you want to test your swimming skills against a mermaid, your running pace versus the flash and your cycling skills against Sponge Bob or Patrick Star? You can do all that at the upcoming UPLB Trantados Triathlon Club’s annual beginner’s triathlon. The Trantados are holding their wacky triathlon for the 11th time on March 7, 2015, a Saturday, at the Baker Hall, UP Los Baños. It’s an event that gives people a chance to dress up according to one’s fancy, to try tri-ing, as well as to party like there’s no tomorrow all wrapped up in one.

UPLB Trantados 11th Beginners’ Costume Fun Triathlon
March 7, 2015
Baker Hall, UPLB
Kids: 200m Swim | 3km Bike | 1.5km Run
Mini-sprint: 400m Swim | 18km Bike | 3km Run

Registration Fees:

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Registration Venues:
1.) In-store Registration : IC’s Bar & Cafe, Los Baños
2.) Online Registration: Click Here

For more information:
Facebook: UPLB Trantados Triathlon Club
Mobile: 0999.889.1546 (Ari Halos)


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