5 Signs That You and Your Significant Other are Athletes



Aaaahhh love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Here’s something every athlete – whether in a relationship or married – can relate to.

Top 5 Signs That You and Your Significant Other are Athletes:


1. You have sports related dates. – Before heading to your favorite restaurant for lunch, you two have ran 10KM for breakfast. When you two are out malling, dropping by Toby’s or RUNNR to check out new stuff is common.


Which leads us to…


2. Your Valentine’s, birthday, Christmas, and other special occasion gifts are mostly sports related. – You know he’s been eyeing that GPS watch ever since it came out. You may have hinted that you like that new, lightweight, eye candy pair of running shoes. Fast forward to a special occasion, and tada! Wish granted!

Early to bed…

3. Your Saturday nights are often early nights. – It starts with a very early dinner at 4pm, followed by a steady drinking. By steady drinking, it means you get tipsy, but never wasted. You have to get home by 10 so you can workout at 6 the following day.

Early to rise…


4. You bring sports gear when going out of town. – You know very well that the best way to explore a place is not by car, but by foot or by bike! Running or cycling- by the beach, or between farms and greens- at the crack of dawn is always part of the itinerary as the sunrise is always mesmerizing, even magical!


5. You are always present in your partner’s main events and vice versa. – You are his/her number 1 fan, ultimate yaya, cheerleader. He/She is your coach, pacer, inspiration, nutritionist. You always look forward crossing the finish line not because of the medal, but because you know your significant other’s hug awaits you.

Like God, love, and trust, sports sure do play a big role in every relationship. Sports serves as a medium for more quality time with your significant other. Or if you are engaged in different activities, your sports help bring out the best in two individuals, making you a more powerful couple.

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